How about some information?

Written by Rodex

How about some information?

Howdy, I'am Rodex, 20 year old coder from Finland.

I have a proposition for you. You have allways wanted easy way to get information about various effects? Now you can make that possible by writing to Hugi and descripting the effect you want to learn. And the other way, if someone else has descripted an effect he wants to learn and you know how to make it, then write us and tell how you have implemented it. Hugi will give answers to problems and give you the chance to help lots of people. Notice that effects that you want to implement don't have to be old/used. We all want to develope new and if you can't do it by yourself then let us others do it for you! :) You can also answer to questions which have never been asked by sending both question and answer to Hugi.

Hugi is trying to do a new way to collect information, that is by letting readers to ask each other the question how. Every new question/answer sent to us can be found as an article in the next Hugi and the collection will also be available at Hugi's www-site. So if you have missed fue releases of Hugi you'll be able to have a complete collection anyway. We can do all of the technical part of this, but the rest is up to you, reader. So send your question and/or answer and enjoy.