Review: Pain 4/98, 5/98

Written by Adok

date o'release: apr'98, may'98
rar-packed size: 242,486 bytes, 180,603 bytes
langs: english
main editor: fred / calodox

furball retired, and fred became the new main editor in issue 4/98. with this change of the main editor the interface got a little liftup too (the first for four years!), namely the color palette was changed.

under fred's leadership pain wants to extend its international component without giving up the swiss part. issue 4/98 features some party reports from abroad, e.g. mekka'98 or volcanic, and an international news section was added - however, no international charts.

pain 5/98 consists of the regular sections and only two articles, namely the invitation for a swiss demoparty called escape and an interview with dake of calodox. in his editorial fred states that one of his reasons for releasing this issue at all was "to show people that a diskmag lives of readers' articles", which is exactly the point!

a file called links.htm comes with pain 5/98, with which you can check out all web-sites mentioned in the mag quickly. nice idea, though not original: the first mag to use this technique was the swiss technoguide.

overall impression: great example to show people their laziness.

- adok^hugi