Review: Ooze #3

Written by Adok

date o'release: may'98
rar-packed size: 378,435 bytes
langs: english
main editor: maeve wolf / ooze (a.k.a. tatharina)

an ansi magazine from australia in its third issue. the first issue was released in may'96 and the second in aug'96, so there was quite a delay. apart from the notes (staff, editorial, credits), this issue is divided in four sections: articles (mostly about the ansi scene and writing), gallery (ansi, vga) and 10% quiry (poetry, stories).

the whole interface except the vga intro-picture is ansi-styled and keyboard-controlled. textmode smoothscrolling, which can make trouble under windows 95, is used for switching between the main menu, the sub menus - each with its own ansi background - and the selected article. in the text/ansi lister itself the smoothscrolling is disabled. you scroll line by line. two lines that contain the author's and the article's name are displayed on the top of the screen. all in all the interface is a matter of taste.

ooze #3 contains 11 articles, 5 interviews, 15 ansi/vga graphics in the gallery and 15 poetry texts in "10% quirky". some headlines: "altered thoughts", "ansi tutorial", followed by an article by the same author stating that ansi tutorials are useless, "gaming culture", "conspiracy theory", "scene code", "windows wins".

the next issue shall also deal with the demo scene and the vga art scene.

overall impression: actually, the whole mag is a matter of taste... for ansi sceners and literature freaks it probably has some interesting texts, but in my opinion, ooze #3 is nothing for the broad mass. let's see in how far the new topics demo scene and vga art scene will affect the content of the next issue.

- adok^hugi