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Written by Adok

black maiden

book #17 ansi pack and the diskmag beam by kyp and shine are coming soon.

general group info

black maiden is a german art group. members are:

          avenger     - ansi, ascii, vga       osel        - internet
          black weasel- ansi                   pandur      - ansi
          celsius     - ascii                  poti        - internet
          dv8         - ansi                   seltorn     - ascii
          jerusalem   - ascii, ansi            shine       - ansi
          junk        - ansi, vga              shiva       - code
          kyp         - ansi                   tex         - vga
          leonardo    - ansi, vga              toot        - ansi
          lord chaos  - ascii                  voice       - vga

besides their ansi packs named book they released a diskmag called crescent.


rodex from finland joined the swiss democrew calodox. calodox is making a 64k-intro for wired'98, and are planning to share their resources with pointplue to make the winner demo of assembly'98.

comic pirates

makke, tatharina, and tonic joined, which produces the following memberlist:

          Handle:    Abomp
          Jobs:      Organizing, Network Administration
          On board:  Captain

          Handle:   Akabu
          Jobs:     Designer
          On board: Treasure Map Creator

          Handle:   Danzig
          Jobs:     C64 Coder
          On board: Canoneer and Cook

          Handle:   Flim Flam
          Jobs:     Organizing, Network Administration, Designer
          On board: Captain

          Handle:   Grobi
          Jobs:     Paper-Artist, Cartoonist
          On board: Sails and Outlook

          Handle:   Harcoonan
          Jobs:     PC Coder
          On board: Treasure keeper and Canonneer

          Handle:   Looza
          Jobs:     Musician, Designer
          On board: Outlook and Cannoneer

          Handle:   Makke
          Jobs:     Musician
          On board: Rum distiller and Canonneer

          Handle:   PJ Dynamix
          Jobs:     Organizing, Network Administration, WebMaster, Coder
          On board: Captain and Navigator

          Handle:   Sid Blit
          Jobs:     PC Coder and Designer
          On board: Cannoneer and Punishment-Executor

          Handle:   Tatharina
          Jobs:     Designer
          On board: Cook

          Handle:   Tommy
          Jobs:     Atari Marketing and Spreader
          On board: Weapons Master

          Handle:   Tonic
          Jobs:     C64/Amiga/PC Coder
          On board: Sails and Cannoneer

          Handle:   Vincent
          Jobs:     Designer
          On board: Cannonballs Suplier

          Handle:   Wolk
          Jobs:     Musician
          On board: Torturer and cannoneer

general group info

comic pirates is a large, old group that is active on several systems. their best known production is the network web magazine at

contact: [pj dynamix] .


patrik left, due to unknown reasons. java got employed at uds, one of the biggest game companies in sweden. the main 2d coder, vain, is doing his army services this summer, so cryonics will be quite inactive for a while. but they will be back this autumn! - dh/tp/tg .. some or a combination of these. they will release a demo and an intro.

cubic team

jj is now working as a graphician.

hugi crew

dodger, ex-musician and poet, joined. toxo was made redundant because of inactivity. kaktus/hde gave up his connections with hugi diskmag. the hugi diskmag is now a production solely by the hugi crew. dodger left due to lack of time.

contact: [adok/hugi] .


when scorpe (now dreamdancer) declared kryst dead because he, the supposed-to-be-main-organizer, has lost contact to all group members, the group still existed for a while. at the mekka'98 however several kryst members met and decided to give up their group finally. mozaic, who was the true main-organizer of kryst at the end, joined sdi and suspect records.


q-fladen and scape joined. croco disk #11 was released. mail devil by black shadow is almost finished. it is a tool for mailswappers that helps them managing their contacts. maybe a bit too late?

contact: [blacky] .


cream #4 (the resurrection) was released. available at sdi's webpage ( e2-e4 (former known as vfb hose) joined the cream-staff. cream #4 will be released at evoke'98.

general group info

obnoxious is the staff of the big german diskmag cream, existing since may'96. members are:

          coctail     - orga, edit, text, swap, design
          dtc         - gfx
          e2-e4       - text
          fog         - text, swap
          hawke       - code
          jolly       - text
          p++         - text
          raven       - text
          refear      - text
          root        - code
  obnoxious (continued)

apart from cream, obnoxious (coc, m.O.d/tscc) made a demo in cooperation with sdi (hades, softy) called checkpoint which became 6th at mekka'98.

contact: [coc/obn] .

ex-checkpoint team

the former checkpoint team founded a currently unnamed new group under the lead of hades, who left sdi. the current memberlist looks like the following:

          coctail     - orga, swap, design
          softy       - music
          mod         - gfx
          hades       - code, design

they are working on a demo, a pixelgfx (both for evoke98) and a sidsoundemu. raiders of the lost empire

the current memberstatus of role looks like the following:

          fido        - swap      [czech republic]
          g           - gfx, swap [belgium]
          gaxar       - swap      [australia]
          rigel       - swap      [poland]
          starfighter - swap      [belgium]
          blue        - gfx       [poland]
          dreamdancer - gfx, swap [germany]

gifted coders and composers are still needed. if you have one of these skills and are looking for an international crew, send some examples of your art to dmc^role. role will reply as fast as possible.

contact: Sebastian Poschmann, Surenburgstr. 50 B, D-48429 Rheine [dmc/role]


franky reached the second place at the mekka'98 4k intro competition with void. it was a cooperation with shiva/kolor. shiva did the graphic code, and franky took over sound coding. the intro was coded 100% in party time. there are rumours saying that riot is working on a big project.

contact: [franky/riot] .

general group info

riot is the fusion of the two austrian democrews smashed! and scream. it has been existing since 1997. members:

          craw        - code                   trickser    - code
          doomsday    - gfx                    viper       - code
          franky      - code, music            viv         - gfx
          nyl         - gfx                    zap         - code, music
          sip         - gfx
          sub-zero    - code
          the squat   - code

brewman joined (www). the singularity homepage has moved.

general group info

singularity is a small austrian group that specializes in direct-x stuff. members are:

          brewman     - internet
          entropy     - orga, code
          dj da 4ceman- music

suspect records

mozaic, wolf and dj toby joined.

contact: .

the black lotus

tbl released a new windows demo in cooperation with analogue called flush. flush got second place during the takeover 98 price ceremony. however the 2nd place comes from an error on counting the votes, after the party it turned out to be 7th.


sweeper, also member of excite, joined as graphician and party maniac. his priority will be still on the excite side, but this may change. genox of braindeath joined as musician.

general group info

vantage is a swiss group consisting of the following members:

          acid angel  - code
          bastel      - code
          ccp         - gfx
          genox       - music
          gimli       - music
          posh        - code
          sweeper     - gfx
          unlock      - gfx


blumchen joined. mr.m!ke gave up coding because of lack of time. he stays with way-x as a 3d-artist. beta 13 of path of mankind was released. this project is getting to an end soon. peter is already working on the concept of the next one. it will be a game like railroad tycoon in full 3d, probable platform is windows 95.

256 byte game competition

the next compo will start right after the end of hugi size coding compo #2, that means at the 10th of july. the objective of the compo will be given free then, and after that there will be a 3 weeks till deadline. voting will then be open for a week. check out

512 byte game competition

organized by swap/pupulauma^unreal voodoo. deadline is july 20. the infofile is in finnish. get it on

mincus programming contests

mincus organizes contests every two weeks. the winner gets 25 US$. see

hugi size coding competition

the deadline for entry submissions for compo #2 is june 2. a public judgement week will follow before the final results will be released. the start date for compo #3 isn't fixed yet.

music contest 6

the annual music contest organized by snowman/hornet has begun. entry deadline is july 15, 1998. information on the rules, schedule, entering, prizes, and updates can be found at

dreams 2 [cdrom project]

"dreams 2 - the demoscene archive volume 2", produced by darkness/imphobia and containing all the very best from the scene from june 1996 until july 1998 will be officially released at wired'98 (17th july). it will be a double cd and will sell for (only!) 500 bfr. email darkness at for ordering information.

contact: [darkness/imphobia]

mr.boom [game release]

the great bomberman-clone mr.boom by remdy/ex-dentifrice can be downloaded at version 1.9 has been released. eight players can fight against eachother via ipx.

contact: [remdy] .

exxos [os project]

an operating system coded by a group of people who want to learn something about system architecture and programming. mcbyte, organizer of the project, describes it on the exxos homepage ( like this: "our aim is to code a multitasking os with protection mechanisms that would be able to compete with other operating systems like windows 95 or linux. it should be driver based, so every kind of hardware or every protocol, file system or whatever can be implemented and easily loaded, even without rebooting the system. that makes the os development a bit easier. we first have to code the kernel. as soon as the kernel runs, we just have to add the device drivers, but don't have to mess up with any kernel modifications."

contact: [mcbyte] . [newsserver]

the first scene newsserver has opened. it is located at what will you find there? beside, which is routed to this server although messages that are posted there using this server will not be routed to usenet, this server contains load of internal newsgroups, among others groups for specific countries, operating systems, graphicians, musicians, general forums like scene.flame or news.announce, binary groups and soon probably also a diskmag area.

redhound told us that he is "doing the newsserver as a personal project. so i'm the only one that is operator on the server right now. it's in a testphase now, so we're looking who is using the server and how the server is being used.

" started out as a joke. i was bored one evening and decided to play a little with inn (one of the main newsserver packages for unices). a few hours after i set everything up at people logged on and started posting. i was surprised by the reaction of the scene to the new newsserver. lots of people mailed me and thanked me for starting the [newsserver] (continued)

project. apparantly a lot of people had been waiting for such a service for a long time. nice to know that that evening was spent in a useful way :)

"there has been a discussion in the staff whether a nntp newsserver isn't obsolete anymore... a few people in the staff think that noone uses nntp anymore and that we should stop the and start working on a webforum thingy to replace it. i believed that still lots of people were using nntp and thought we should have a look at before condemning luckily loads of people started using the server and my point was proven. but still a few people in the staff are sceptical about the idea and want to convert it to a webforum later on.

"i just want to thank all users of for using the service and thereby supporting the project." [newsserver] (continued)

furthermore, the www-server of ( has reopened again. groups, projects and sceners can get free webspace there if they are talented enough. apply directly to the

contact: [redhound] .

tribute cd-rom / relapse audio [cd-rom release]

if you want to get tribute cd-rom ("the biggest music collection on cd-rom") and relapse audio cd (by sound-runner/sdi/sr?), check sdi claims to offer two of the finest cds ever for really non profit prices.

contact: [e605/sdi] .


dominei is working on a new issue of daskmig. "daskmig 2000" is planned to be released soon, approximately at wired'98, probably with music from mellow-d. the articles mostly deal with demoscene but also with a wide range of other topics, such as subculture, drugs and life in general.

it seems as if it's the time of revival for the demo-diskmag-scene. daskmig used to be one of the best and most popular diskmags in 1995. some people even preferred it to imphobia. actually, the first issue was released in october'94. then the name of the mag was daskmig illusions, it was published by a group called independants, its main-editors were mr. hockey and, later, lash. the magazine became popular among the norwegian scene, but due to the lack of quality it hardly gained any international attention. this changed when a new staff consisting of inferiors and proxima members took over daskmig in spring'95. daskmig #6 didn't have anything in common with the former daskmig illusions, it featured great, minimalistic svga-graphics, a new interface, interesting articles, its new main editor was dominei/inf, who led the supposed-to-be-released-monthly mag till issue #7. then calvin/proxima took over the editing job. however, the mag's success didn't daskmig (continued)

last for a long time. calvin left the scene (and returned in 1997), issue #8 remained the last.

look forward to the new daskmig generation, and, if you want to support it, don't hesitate to contact dominei. co-editors are needed as well as general support!

contact: [dominei/inf^dolphin]


great news! darkness MIGHT start working on imphobia #13 after wired'98, ie fall. that would be the first imphobia issue after a break of more than two years. the legend can continue. but nothing is sure yet.

contact: [darkness/imphobia]


unlike planned, insight #3 was not released at takeover'98. the actual release date is not fixed yet. an online version of insight #2 can be found at

quicksilver wants me to correct some misprinted information in the mags.faq, hugi #9 and hugi #10. insight is not created by quad - in fact image! has a bigger share of crafting than quad - but by the insight group itself. i want to apologize for this mistake.

contact: [quicksilver/image!/insight staff]


pain 6/98 was released at june 13. furball and zpider are working on a new interface that supports dos, windows and linux. it will be ready to use with the next pain issue, pain 8/98.

contact: [fred/cdx] .

new world order

according to orange juice, the new world order magazine will have a comeback as a web zine. the staff is looking for a couple of regular writers to join their writers team.


the e-mag network

the e-mag network was founded by programmer/universe in may 1998. its aim is to link diskmags from all over the world together, build up an article exchange base and later merge the member diskmags into one big mag. more information can be found in the e-mag network infofile. coders f/x bbs publication joined ten. as a consequence, a new ftp site is now available for uploading / downloading scene diskmags or newsletters as a part of the ten project. it's ran by civax/moon hunters.

contact: [programmer/unv] .


showtime amiga is going to die. surfing/ramjam is working on a pc version of showtime. people involved are orome, basehead, lizardking, louie, codec, rodney. they want to talk about pc scene, c64 scene, charts, "cool articles", tutorials of tracking, coding, painting. the first issue is planned for tp8.

takeover'98 - the netherlands, 15th-17th of may, 1998

one week before the start the dutch demoscene event of the year was nearly cancelled because three of its main organizers were arrested at the german border for having been caught trying to smuggle a car packed with cans of an illegal beverage to eindoven. luckily they got away by paying a fine. the party was held like planned. party releases can be found at

wired'98 - belgium, 17th-19th of july, 1998

the wired'98, organised by imphobia, melting pot and pulpe will be held from the 17th to the 19th of july 98 in wasmes, belgium. announced as the last of the wired series, this is an event you ought not to miss! check out for more information in this magazine. haujobb has done an invitation intro for wired that became 3rd at the juhla demo compo, featuring code by droid, graphics by bay tremore, dice, visualize and acryl and music by muffler.

contact: [darkness/imphobia] .

the metal grave bbs went offline for ever at june 20, 1998.

a new version of the former cubic player was released at june 24. it's called opencp and was coded by pascal and kb. available at hornet.

thanks go out to all the news suppliers!

                                                black shadow/nologic
                                                civax/moon hunters
                                                pj dynamix/comic pirates
                                                shine/black maiden