The Story About Network

Written by PJ

In 1991, a bunch of buccaneers (known as Comic Pirates), started a production of an own scene-magazine on c64. With fixing the content and intention they thought about different names and choosed NETWORK. The production of that magazine took about six month, maybe caused be coding it in an assembler-monitor.

Network got modified and tuned every issue. New graphics, small new features and brand new content.

The name 'network' was choosen, as they had several ideas how to bring NETWORK to the scene. The network was build of good swappers and spreaders who where entitled as 'official NETWORK distributors'. NETWORK got released all over the world at the same day.

Finishing school, starting a job or doing whatsoever caused them to release a last issue in july 1993 : NETWORK #06 (666 devil inside)

In march 1997 former Comic Pirates were invited to a party and they got there.

Abomp, Flim Flam and PJ Dynamix. They took a survey with them to see what people are doing today after four years of inactivity.

The results of that survey and the final competition was amazing and they decided to pick up business again: a magazine from the scene for the scene. The mayor reason to put it only was that you can easly reach a lot of readers and people can spread news without delay. So, the new NETWORK was born. The development of that (new age) magazine again took more than six months and they released the first issue on 01/01/1998. Every month a new version of NETWORK can be found online. Everything in NETWORK can be edited online and released without delay.

The major goal of NETWORK was to release hot stuff in a minute and get the different scenes closer together. For example: You're comming from the C64, went over Amiga and finaly found your life in the pc-scene. If you are still interested in your previous scenes, you can find a magazine which serves different scenes on just one platform, the internet. Take a ride to Happy NETWORKing!

The NETWORK magazine, the place to be scene

Comic Pirates