Review: Coders F/X BBS Publication #30

Written by Adok

date o'release: may'98
rar-packed size: 70,720 bytes
langs: english
main editor: civax / moon hunters

coders f/x bbs publication is a weekly newsletter published by civax / moon hunters, sysop of the coders f/x bbs, the largest sceneboard in israel. it deals with the israeli scene.

since issue #26 a simple textmode-interface comes along. it is just a menu and a plain textviewer. reading the texts with a normal text editor might be even more comfortable.

regular sections: editorial of course, news, rumours, birthday and release list, new files. a list of all active israeli groups is also attached to every issue. the rest of the mag are articles. not too many, but you cannot expect more.

issue 30's articles deal with impulse tracker tips, making an all-israeli demo, games evolution and how to fake creativity. the back issues contain some good and interesting articles. there are some grammatical mistakes here and there but at least you can understand the content quite well.

the coders f/x bbs can be accessed via modem under the telephone numbers +972-7-675-3224 and +972-7-675-8537; since issue 26 you could get the newsletter on hornet (demos/incoming/info), too, but for unknown reasons all issues were deleted at the beginning of june. since june all issues have been available at civax' ftp site.

overall impression: good source if you want to learn more about the israeli scene; the latest issues had some delay. medium newsletter size (50-120 kbyte text per issue).

- adok^hugi