European Personality Assessment
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This personality test determines the dominant personality pattern from the "Volko Personality Patterns". All questions are to be answered on a five-tier scale (far left = "does not match me at all", far right = "this very much matches me").

Do I judge other people more by my subjective ideas (e.g. sympathy) than by objective criteria (e.g. performance)?

Am I more interested in concrete facts than abstract theories or ideas?

Am I more of an active person who enjoys doing something than a passive observer?

Do I tend to set and stick to exact schedules rather than just live into the day?

Do I try to read a text "between the lines" and recognize the author's intentions and motives that he has not explicitly stated?

Is the functionality more important to me than aesthetic aspects when buying a device?

Is it okay to favour or discriminate against a person regardless of their performance?

Do I feel more comfortable when confronted with new situations for me than when I constantly have to do routine work?

Would I prefer to be given concrete instructions step by step, rather than if I were left to find out for myself what I have to do?

I'd rather know what something is than speculate about what something might be?

Do I need to understand a statement logically in order to consider it plausible?

Do I prefer to listen to other people than to speak for myself?