You Might Get Lucky

A short story by Fable Fox,

There is a guy called Joe. He's a shameless self help writer who wants quick bucks. One day one of his readers, Fable Fox, walks up to him.

"Boo, hoo, hoo. I'm unlucky..." says Fable Fox.

"Nooo.... you're lucky", says Joe, starting his generic, useless self help reply.

"I worked hard all my life, helped everyone, sacrificed everything, in the end I have nothing and everyone hates me! I even have to start from scratch!!" yells Fable Fox in anger, in pain, in tears.

"Even those whom I helped screwed me and backstabbed me!" he continues.

"Nooo... you're lucky." says Joe. Writing a self help book based on other people's self help books (copied / plagiarized), he basically has no idea.

"I mean, you have both hands and both legs. You are lucky compared to people on a wheelchair", says Joe, trying to win the argument. But the conversation was heard by Jack, who moves around on a wheelchair.

"I guess I'm unlucky. Boo hoo me.." says Jack.

"Noo... you're lucky", says Joe.

"Compare yourself to a blind person. Having a hard time doing things. At least you have both hands and you can see while using them." says Joe. The conversation was heard by Jude, who is blind.

"I guess I'm unlucky. Boo hoo me.." says Jude.

"Noo... you're lucky", says Joe.

"Why?" asked Jude.

"At least you're still alive." replied Joe. The conversation was held at a graveyard, so a voice come from the grave.

"I guess I'm unlucky. Boo hoo me.." says a voice from a grave, the tombstone has the name Jean.

"Noo... you're lucky", says Joe.

"Why?" asked Jean.

"Well, you're dead. You doesn't have to suffer like Fable Fox, Jack and Jude. Heh", says Joe with a grin. Upon hearing the word 'suffer', Fable Fox, Jack and Jude beat Joe to his death.

"Why?" asked Joe who is now dead.

"I guess you got lucky - twice", replied Fable Fox.

"Why?" asked Joe again.

"First, you say being dead is lucky, second, you only die once. We actually feel like beating you over and over again", says Fable Fox.

Moral of the story: please don't behave like an idiot who couldn't understand people's pain and suffering, just because you never taste the pain and the suffering yourself, and keep telling stupid (and lame) self help words such as...

"It's your attitude..."
"You are not strong enough..."
"Such a crybaby..."
"Happiness is in your heart..."

After all, you might get 'lucky' yourself.

I hope you people enjoy the short story. I could use some rest, my doctor ordered it in fact. I hope you people enjoy my poems for Annete O'Toole too (Hi Anne!).

PS - In case any HUGI reader has access to Annete O'Toole, please tell her I say hi. Tell her to reply, while I'm still here to hear it.

PS II - To someone special (Your name starts with S and end with Y - you know who you are), in case you're reading this. No, I don't need stupid self help words. I need some hugs and a shoulder to cry on. Is that too much to ask? Oh wait, I guess when your name is Fable Fox, even that is too much to ask, isn't? Meh.

- Fable Fox