By Adok/Hugi

Obtain was the third 4k diskmag that appeared in the scene, after Wilby and Fuzzby. It was made by Bad Sector of Nasty Bugs, who was also working on a bigger diskmag project named Obscurum, which was never released. Like with Fuzzby, not more than one issue of Obtain was released. The single issue can be downloaded from scene.org (about 430 downloads so far). It's a diskmag for MS-DOS, but it also works on modern PCs even without the DOSBox emulator.

Obtain #1

Obtain #1 was released on September 21st, 2003. All the code and contents were made by Bad Sector. There were no remarkable graphics and no sound, but several short articles. They dealt with the lack of diskmags in the PC scene, how to make a 4k diskmag, why Bad Sector wanted his 386 back and whether coca cola is addictive. Moreover, there was a page with links to various demoscene-related websites, including the Hugi website.

You can't expect a 4k diskmag to have a lot of content, but if the content is interesting, it's good. However, the articles in Obtain #1 are mostly trivial and so it's not really exciting.