By Adok/Hugi

Maniac Magazine was a very early diskmag; its first and (as far as I know) only issue was released in December 1993. It can be downloaded from (about 300 downloads so far), and it works even without DOSBox.

Maniac #1

Maniac #1 was a tiny magazine with ASCII graphics and music. Its editor was Nocturnus. There were just a handful of articles. One of them was a detailed review of Second Reality by Future Crew. In another article, The Faker presented his view about the (early) PC demoscene. Finally, there were articles about the groups TEI (The Emulator Institute, from Canada) and AD.

There were three tunes to listen to in the background, all of them were composed by MOP (Master of Puppets, not the Mop from the Amiga diskmag ROM who is now also a member of Alcatraz and writing for Mudia Art on PC). Moreover, the magazine contained some BBS adverts.