By Adok/Hugi

Luna was an Israeli scene diskmag in English from the year 1996 edited by The New York City Kid of Moon Hunters. Its only issue can be downloaded from (about 1000 downloads so far), and it works with DOSBox.

Luna #1

Luna #1 was released on May 7th, 1996. The engine was coded by GoodByte of Moon Hunters and Civax of Moon Hunters. The title picture was drawn by True-Color of Tatoo. The two background pictures (you can switch between them using F1 and F2) were painted by DNA-Groove of Moon Hunters and Mr. Atom. The music was made by DNA-Groove, Nyarlothotep of Moon Hunters and Paso of Esteem. The design is very nice. There are even animated (rotating) buttons. For controls you have to use the keyboard (cursor keys and Enter). With the keys 1 to 9, you can view pictures attached to the current article, e.g. photos of the author.

In the main menu you can choose from among Editorial, Articals (sic), Charts (none in this issue) and Credits. The articles section contains some information about Israeli demo parties and groups, several articles about the music compo at Movement 1995 and what happened after it (as many people thought that the winner, Hodow, didn't deserve his success), the story of Esteem's demo for Movement 1995, some texts about future technologies for demos (such as a hologram screen), an interview with Gorbag of Rage and several music-related articles.

Luna #1 is a good magazine all in all, both contents-wise and design-wise. The level of English is also pretty good, which has positively surprised me a bit as English is very different from Hebrew. What a pity that no second issue has ever been released.