Lookain Fanz

By Adok/Hugi

Lookain Fanz was a French diskmag edited by Niakool. The first issue (August 1998) was in French, the other two issues were in English. Lookain Fanz can be downloaded at scene.org, from where it has been leeched about 900 times. Its engine is Windows-based and works on modern PCs.

Lookain Fanz #2

Lookain Fanz #2 was released in September 1998, a few weeks after the first issue. It had a very cool design. At the beginning you came to a menu where you could select between the editorial and the rest of the mag. In this menu you controlled Super Mario like in the video game and had to jump at the right place to make your selection. In the article menu, there was a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog - very fitting. Inside the articles, antique sculptures were displayed as illustrations. Lookain Fanz #2 was a tiny magazine with estimatedly less than 20 kbytes of texts. There were a news corner, a music tutorial about scales and some other texts, e.g. what makes a good demo. All in all the content was very weak. Great design, almost no content - it's rather a slideshow than a diskmag.

Lookain Fanz #3

Already in the same month as #2 Lookain Fanz #3 was released. Again it had great graphics and few articles, although a bit more than in the previous issue. The font was pretty big, similar to the previous issue, but the layout permitted more space for the text. The music of this issue was made by Rez and Bedrael.

The news corner was actually a review corner with reviews of demos, music disks and (commercial) games. The music corner dealt with transposition this time. There was also an introduction to BBS's. The coding corner dealt with some interrupts, which is only interesting for people who are coding under MS-DOS. The last article dealt with Flash websites.

What I said about Lookain Fanz #2 also applies to this issue. It's a pity that there were not more people writing for the magazine, as then there could have been more contents. Probably the lack of support was also the reason why Niakool stopped making Lookain Fanz after #3.