Infused Bytes

By Adok/Hugi

Infused Bytes was the name of a Russian diskmag (it claims to be the first Russian diskmag of all). It was published by the group Realm Of Illusion and it was 100% in English. Two issues were released. They can be downloaded from (about 300 downloads per issue) and will work on your modern PC if you use DOSBox.

Infused Bytes #1

Infused Bytes #1 was released in May 1994. It must be started with "start!.exe", otherwise it might crash. The engine was textmode-based. It was coded by Coderipper, who also made the graphics and edited the mag. The music was made by Bigbug and Andrew Zabolotny. It was a very small mag with only seven texts, which could be selected from the main menu. Before the main menu a not too impressive intro and the credits could be seen. The contents were news and rumours, interviews with Andrew Zabolotny and Patson, advertisements, three articles about piracy, and charts. Some characters such as the question mark and the exclamation mark were animated, which looked quite strange. All in all this mag was not too special.

Infused Bytes #2

January 1995 was the month when issue 2 of Infused Bytes was released. It had a new interface in VGA and much more articles than the previous issue. There were now real charts based on actual votesheets, the categories were demogroups, demos, intros, coders, graphicians, musicians, diskmags, games, and tools/utilities. The articles dealt with the Russian scene, 3D graphics, viruses, IRC and gouraud shading. The interviews were made with Bacchus of Fairlight and Daredevil of Renaissance. There were also news and messages corner in this issue as well as a gallery with some drawn images and some photos of Assembly 1993. A rather nice diskmag all in all.