By Adok/Hugi

Fuzzby was the name of a 4k diskmag by the Spanish group Fuzzion. The idea of 4k diskmags was originally developed by Spock, who is also from Spain. He created the 4k diskmag Wilby. When the new group Fuzzion was founded as a merger of three smaller Spanish groups (DSK, Savage and MCD), they decided to release a 4k diskmag to present themselves to the scene. The result was Fuzzby #0. This one and only issue of Fuzzby can be downloaded from scene.org. It's a diskmag for MS-DOS, but it also works on modern PCs even without the DOSBox emulator.

Fuzzby #0

Fuzzby #0 was released on December 23rd, 1999. According to the credits, the main editors of this issue were Sml and Ufix. When you run the mag, the first thing you get to see is the title screen, with a Fuzzby logo and a background animation which will accompany you throughout the whole mag. Music starts playing in the background; it is pretty good considering that it fits in just 4k. To get to the first article, you have to press the right cursor key. The font is pretty big and well-readable. You switch from article to article using the cursor keys, there's no menu. To scroll, you also use the cursor keys.

The content mainly revolved around the Fuzzion group. A list of members is presented, and there are charts about who's the laziest Fuzzion member and what Fuzzion member is the biggest IRC addicts. Only members of Fuzzion voted in these charts. In addition, there's an article about the popularity of the Spanish scene in the world. Several sceners from other countries were asked what Spanish demoscene groups and productions they knew, and their answers were printed in this magazine. Many said they knew only Iguana and a few others.

Attached to Fuzzby #0 is a votesheet in which the question is posed whether Fuzzion should continue releasing Fuzzby. Probably the results were negative, as Fuzzby #0 remained the only issue of Fuzzby ever released.