By Adok/Hugi

Flash was a German scene diskmag edited by Cosmic of Radical Rhythms. Only one issue was released. It can be downloaded from scene.org (about 780 downloads so far), and it works with DOSBox.

Flash #1

Flash #1 was released on May 16th, 1996. It was coded by Internal of Radical Rhythms. All the graphics (title picture and background pictures) were made by Acryl. The music was composed by Keith303.

The magazine is divided in the following sections: "Most interesting news around us", Scene talk, Misc, Coding, Music Corner, Graphics, Interviews'n'more, and "The Flash BBS list". The news corner is rather small and it focuses mainly on German groups. Almost all of the articles are in English, but there are a few German ones as well. The punctuation is poor and most of the articles are also quite short and uninteresting. For example, "The German Demo Scene" is only two pages - I guess a lot more could have been written about it (introduction of all the groups etc., just like in most national scene report articles in diskmags). Most of the articles in "Scene talk" deal with parties (reports, results and invitations). In the Misc corner we are confronted with some poems by Cirion and a few articles about

general computer related topics. In the coding corner there's only one article, which deals with frame skipping. The music corner also contains only one article, and on top of that it's a short and lame one. The graphics corner with three short articles (1-2 pages) is also very weak. But there are several interviews, with people such as Basehead, Ryan Cramer, Stalker, Alec Empire, T-Frost and Tadee. The reviews are about demos, games, music and ASCII. Finally, there's the BBS list, which contains some detailed information on 13 boards.

All in all Flash #1 is quite a bad magazine.