By Adok/Hugi

Eedmag was the first and only "diskmag" made with Macromedia Flash. It was created by Xhale and was a solo project (code, graphics, music and content all by him). The one and only issue was released in the year 1999, and it can be downloaded from The abbreviation "eed" stood for "electric eye design", which was a group founded by Xhale and Teis.

Eedmag #1

After starting the executable file, you got right into the magazine. There was no separation of menu and text viewer. The menu items were symbolized by gray circles. If you moved the mouse over a circle, the related text would appear. All texts were very short, fitting into the small area where they were displayed - scrolling was not necessary. In the background, some animations were occuring (moving and fading arrows, rotating circles), which disturbed reading a bit. But there was not much to read anyway: In total, there were five texts. Most of them were editorials/credits. There was just one rumour section, in which we could read things like Wojtek offering free anal sex at #pixel every day and the Polish scene having sunk into the Atlantic Ocean.

In the background, music was playing, which would stop once it would be over, so you would have to click the play button in the bottom-right corner if you wanted to listen to it again. There were also squares, clicking which your web browser would be pointed to some worldwide-web pages.

That's all. "It's not much", would be an overstatement. It's virtually nothing.