By Adok/Hugi

Delta was a diskmag from Paraguay which was primarily made for the South American scene. Therefore most of its articles were in Spanish. But issues 3 and 4 also contained an English section for an even more international audience. The editors of Delta were Byte Revenger and Jeu Azarru of Microforce. All issues can be downloaded from, and they work fine with DOSBox.

Delta #3

Delta #3 was released in January 1996. It contained two articles in English. One was a (true?) story of Hotblood who had some trouble driving some girls to some club. The other was a tutorial for beginning musicians about samples. It was pretty long and interesting. You learned about where to get samples from and what to do with them. The other texts in the menu section were the editorial and information how to support and where to get Delta.

Delta #4

This issue was even smaller than the previous one in terms of English articles: There was just one English article, and it was an uninteresting one about somebody's addiction to drugs. The editors apologized for this, they wrote that they had received letters from English-speaking people but none of them had contained an article. They promised that Delta #5 would contain at least five English articles. Well, Delta #5 was apparently never released.