By Adok/Hugi

Channel was a short-lived Hungarian demoscene diskmag by the group Grif. They released one full issue and an intro with a preview of the second issue. Most of the articles are in Hungarian, but there is also a very small tiny corner, which is the reason why I've included Channel in the Diskmag Encyclopedia. Channel can be downloaded from, and it works with DOSBox.

Channel #1

Channel #1 was released in March of 1994. If you start it with runme.exe instead of channel.exe (which leads straight to the magazine), you will first get to see an intro. Credits for the intro: code by ATX and Larsen, graphics by Ratt. The intro shows some rather simple 3D animations (rotating cubes and the like).

The code and design of the actual magazine are quite average. After a title picture, you get into the menu, where you select an article, which will then be displayed. Scrolling is done using buttons, and you also have to press the Menu button if you want to return from an article to the main menu - the right mouse button won't do it. When you quit the magazine, a closing picture is displayed.

There are only four articles in the English corner. Two of them are editorials and notes about the translation. The other two articles deal with the Grif group. One article tells the history of Grif, the other article presents the current projects of Grif. So all in all, for the non-Hungarian-speaking reader, Channel is more of an infofile with a GUI than a magazine.