Caustic Verses

By Adok/Hugi

Caustic Verses was the diskmag of the Swedish group Gash. Only one issue was released. It can be downloaded from (about 700 downloads) and it works using DOSBox.

Caustic Verses #1

Caustic Verses #1 was released in January 1996. It was edited by Solomon of Gash and Headcase of Gash. The code was done by Solomon, too. The graphics were made by Thor of Gash and they look quite good. The music was composed by Tit0 of Candela, Hanser of Gash and Radix of Balance.

The magazine features only a few articles, among them an interview with Hellraiser of Cascada, information on the Mostly Music Competition and on Svintonet, a demo network, a short report about The Party 1995, a poem and a coding tutorial about determining the speed of the CPU (it's a bit more difficult than you might think).

Caustic Verses #1 is primarily controlled with the keyboard, but there are also some buttons on the bottom of the screen which you can click with the mouse. When scrolling or flipping pages, the music gets distorted, which is a bug.

All in all there is not much to read and what is there to read isn't that special either.