Bytes of Wisdom

By Adok/Hugi

Bytes of Wisdom was a diskmag by the Slovenian group Septic. The first three issues were in the Slovenian language. Issues 4 and 5 were in English. You can download all the issues at They will work fine if you use the latest DOSBox emulator.

Bytes of Wisdom #4

Bytes of Wisdom #4 (from January 1998) was edited by Markoff of Septic. It was coded by Logik of Septic, and the music was contributed by Krokar of Septic. The graphics were made by Markoff of Septic (main menu) and the Russian artist Greenpix7 of Universe (title picture).

There were not many contents in this issue. They mostly revolved around the Abort 1997 demoparty (report & results), some Slovenian groups and tracked music. In addition there were an interview with the coder Minmax of Septic and a list of Slovenian sceners.

After quitting the mag, some photos from Abort 1997 were displayed.

Bytes of Wisdom #5

The new engine of Bytes of Wisdom #5 (August 1998) was coded by Minmax of Septic, who was also the editor of this issue. The text viewer now supported several customized fonts (four in total), colourized text and also inline images. The mag was designed by Anzee and contained music by Krokar.

There were only 11 articles occupying 55 kbytes in total. One of them was an interview with Black Shadow, one of the founders of the Slovenian group Twilight Connection. Another article was a report about the Takeover 1998 demoparty in Holland. In a third article, Nova investigated whether making artwork was "just a waste of time" or an important form of expression. Yet another article dealt with tracking blockades. In "When Life Sux", Minmax wrote about a not-so-typical day of his life. Moreover, there was an article with UFO-girl about how she discovered the scene.

All in all it was a tiny mag with some nice articles.