By Adok/Hugi

Budyn was a merger of the two Polish diskmags Smok and Izwestia. It was mostly in the Polish language, but its first and second issues also had small English corners. Budyn issues can be downloaded at scene.org (most of the issues have been downloaded around 1000 times), and they work with DOSBox.

Budyn #1

Budyn #1 was released in June 1996. Its main editor was Astra, the former main editor of Smok. The English corner occupied one column in the menu. There were interviews with Darkness, Necros, Rage and Schwarz and a couple of so-so articles. Unfortunately on my PC the engine is buggy and skips some pages inside the articles so that it's not possible to read them completely. That's why I'm not able to write anything more about Budyn #1.

Budyn #2

Budyn #2 from December 1997 was one of the biggest diskmags ever released: It contained 2.4 MBytes of articles. But most of them were in Polish. The English corner was small (30 articles).

Apart from adverts and news, there were two interviews (Laila and Smade), a few party reports, only one coding article (about streams in Pascal) and several other texts. I personally found the interview with Laila of Crusader Girls interesting. Crusader Girls was a sub-group of Crusaders which consisted of girls only. It was founded at some edition of The Gathering (probably TG 1996). One fact that is very interesting is that the coder of this demo, Candy, didn't know how to code before the party except for HTML. Yes, she learned coding at the party - I'm surprised that this is possible.

All in all the English corner was not too bad, but it was small.