Belgian Scene Report

By Adok/Hugi

Belgian Scene Report was a diskmag from - you guessed it - Belgium. First it was published as a text file. From issue 11 on until the last issue, #13, it was embedded in a graphical engine. The editor of the first five issues was Bytemare, of issue 6 Hacker and of the other seven issues Baxter.

Belgian Scene Report can be downloaded from Each issue has been downloaded about 600 times. Issues 11 and 12 work fine with DOSBox. With issue 13 I'm having problems.

The regular elements of BSR that can already be seen in issue 1 are news and a list of Belgian groups with some information about each of them. In some of the earlier issues also whole infofiles of groups were published. Moreover, starting with issue 2 there are also some articles and (not scene-related) stories. For example, issue 8 contains an interview with French coder Skal. In issue 12, an interview with Darkness of Imphobia can be found. There are also some (short) party reports in some issues of BSR.

The last three issues are executable files and start with a title picture. Then the actual mag begins. With the buttons at the bottom of the screen you select the section you want to read. By moving the mouse to the upper or lower edge of the screen and clicking, you scroll inside the current article.

Most of the issues contain between 30 and 50 kbytes of texts. Belgian Scene Report is a small but nice mag all in all.