By Adok/Hugi

Anothermag was officially a diskmag by the groups Tobakk Porno & Fyrverkeri. In reality it was mostly the work of one person: XCene. He made the code and most of the graphics, and was also the editor. Only one issue was ever released.

On modern PCs Anothermag runs perfectly even without DOSBox. It can be downloaded from from where it has been downloaded a bit more than 700 times (including another location at the server).

Anothermag #1

Anothermag #1 was released in February 1998. Featuring music by Smash of Tesko and Jogeir of Pulse, it was presented in a rather conventional way: After the quite good title picture (by dineS of Contract) came the main menu where you selected the article. The entire mag was controlled using the keyboard, and controlling it was quite hard as the cursor was moving fast. Inside the articles, which were displayed in an Imphobia-like two-column layout with a mono-colour fixed-width font, you scrolled using cursor left/right. A progress bar was displayed at the bottom of the screen. It was not working perfectly, as it had a fixed width and in articles that consisted only of a few columns it would keep moving for a lot of time once the last column was reached. Fortunately you didn't have to wait for the bar to reach its final position, but could exit the article or scroll back at any time.

After the editorial, the first section inside the magazine was the charts. There were 15 voters, and the categories were demos, intros, fast-intros, utilities, Rectum Cauda handles, diskmags, babes, wristwatches and superheroes. All entries that were voted for were listed. Next came the "What?! Scene" section. It consisted of messages, advertisements, news, an article about demos written by Vastator and the results of Piffi's coding compo which had been announced in V.o.l.v.O #1. That was all for the scene section. Then there was a section with miscellaneous articles called "Universe Uncovered". The first article, a McDonald's FAQ, was the only article inside this diskmag that was in Norwegian language. The other
articles were about AIDS research (can HIV be spread via oral sex?), a conspiration theory concerning Nokia, MDMA (ecstasy) and that a 7 Hz sound can kill a chicken. Finally, there was a "GamerLamer Sexxion" in which there was just one article, which dealt with the game Haemal.

All in all Anothermag #1 was a very small and not too interesting diskmag.