MAIN #3 Party report

By Silkut

The party ended after several days of working, running around, solving problems etc. But without doubt it was a great event, I've met excellent people, I've got a better view of the demoscene and this week has brought a lot of amusement for me.

The first day was pretty calm, I was busy, among other things, spreading the hubs on the tables and connecting them with the electricity in order to grant a connectivity as the WiFi didn't work well in the large room (a bit better in the café and the VIP bar). The day passed by quickly after attempts to make the partymeister template work and to set up the DNS zones for accessing the vHosts in the LAN.

The next day was under the sign of the Hip-Hop of Marseille.

Anecdote: Waiting for the entrance, I bumped into a friendly looking guy who gave me his hand and said to me "Djel", I told him that this said something to me, and he said: "Yes, I'm the DJ of the Fonky Family". ;) Later he made his plates burn while nobody was in the café (except your reliable servant who was playing Space Invaders, which the likeable Archeopteryx had installed). I remember well that when he saw me playing, he left the place in order to play a turn, too! :D

In the evening I met Dj Rebel (in the past the producer of IAM), who was also very likeable. He had come in order to make the two different shoe sizes meet each other in the café Julien and put them into the FIRE. It was awesome, they perfectly mastered their art.

On the third day several sceners arrived (hello Holland!). I spent the whole day debugging what was debuggable. Despite having contacted D.Fox about partymeister, it wasn't working. :( "Shit happens", Havoc would say. There were also the workshops, rooms dedicated to certain activities such as the lively W-jing by Anne, in which the concept of a live web-browsing demo was presented, which was including your surfing experience, on four plasma screens. In another room circuit-bending was demonstrated, which consists of the modification of electronic gadgets and gameboys for chipmusic concerts (8GB, meneo, JDDJ3J), which I liked less but which reminded you of the oldschool scene. Xavier promoted the gp2x and also showed how to edit videos with this console (GamePark). That was something for the coders and the homebrew hackers... you can learn a lot of it!

There were several chipmusic concertos including the very, very good Dubmood of Razor1911. This was THE concert which made me move like a madman in the orga room. I believe it was one of the best concertos I ever experienced, and every time he raises the standards! Well done!

Anecdote: After the concerto I couldn't resist to embrace Kalle and congratulate him in the name of everyone who was hallucinated during the show. :D I wanted to motivate him for yet another concerto but he went to sleep early because he wanted to go to Lyon on the next day. :(

For the next day the compos were scheduled. H2o, a very likeable and cool guy, brought the compo machine. After the tests, the direction of octoFX, the establishing of artists' line-ups, the last-minute fixes, the deadlines, setting up the stream with the guys of D.TV in the last moment, the show started and the audience applauded. Not much later, on the next day, there was the voting, the prize giving, the good-bye, the promises, the decompression phase, the return home... the liberating shower and the bed... All of this is stored in my memory like in a Greengrass film, a devilish rhythm of violent camera movements, we attached ourselves, we laid down with our tired bodies after the martyrdom, weakened and with a restless spirit, we remembered the events, the mottos, the acts, the glances, the decisions, we expected what would come, we reflected, we came to conclusions about the positive and negative things, and as everything was balanced like in the whole system which had to stay in the path, we made fun all alone, we bloated and fell asleep... to return to the routine of the planet Mars, the bus, the studies, the march, the tiredness, the friends, the heat...

I want to thank the following persons and I want to say that I regret nothing, that it has been a unique, indescribable, intense time and space: Djel, Rebel, Kayalik, the guys of the security, Ra, Doh, Dax and Metapat of Demo TV for being very, very likeable, Charlotte and Sarah for being gentle, cute, useful and understanding even when I was restless and thirsty, Melodie for taking care of the sceners, the technical staff of the Julien space, Video events for being cool with me even if I'm not a professional, the FRequency team (XT, Rouk, Mestaty and the others) for being really good human beings, Archeopteryx for allowing me to destroy the highscores of Burning Rubber and for the exhibition, Jakob, Leon and the whole Nederland crew for being likeable and for helping with the intros, Willbe and Dubmood because I like them and their music, the guys of Ubi for being cool, Jerome, Beshir, Ivan and all the people from the workshops for their help, the gangster of the putty-knife for cutting the Marseille way, Razor1911 for rocking, the bar people for the Armenian sandwiches which saved me and the bottles of coke which kept me busy, all the people who came, H2o for being a good fellow and helping me a lot, Havoc and the people from Germany for being likeable, for having made the journey and for the discussions about demoparties (thx Havoc), the Cybernostra for everthing, and special greetings to Christian and Brigitte!

That's all folks, but that was awesome!

Written by Silkut
Translated from French by Adok
Photos and descriptions by Doh of Dreamdealers

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