Realtime Generation - Photos

Bonzaj of Plastic delivering his presentation

The opening of the exhibition

Visitors at the opening of the exhibition

The demonstration on the second day

The first panel discussion: Frank Hartmann, Antibyte, Gargaj and Michael Wagner

Some of the audience of the first panel discussion

Somebody contributed swap-disks to the exhibition

A disk box

Kinga, Bonzaj and Gargaj

The diskmag station

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

The infodesk

The Demo PC

Tom Webhofer, Gina's brother

The screens on which demos were running non-stop

The music station

Various newspaper articles about Realtime Generation

KB working with his laptop

Demoscene card game

The rear part of the exhibition hall

The entrance of Metalab

[d]vision team members at Metalab

Part of the sourcecode of KB's screen saver for C64

The opening of the demoparty (tunnel installation)

The big screen used for the open-air demoshow

Skaven with his Future Crew t-shirt (backside: "After 5 years of silence...")

KB and Skaven at the second panel discussion

Inside the Metalab

Cyanide of Spinning Kids placed second in the competition

The photos have been contributed by Adok/Hugi and by Peter Urban (