What happened 15 issues ago

Hugi #20 was released in August 2000. Some of the news from this issue:

"Devotion is a new Amiga diskmag, whose first issue was released on July 31."

"Merregnon, a music CD project based on a fantasy theme featuring lotsa famous musicians such as Purple Motion, Jogeir, Lizardking and Chris Hülsbeck, is taking off. Soon you'll be available to download weekly examples of the soundtrack on their website."

"Pain. Asc/Nowadays decided to leave the Pain team. Unlock/Vantage remains as single maineditor and organizator. But he his in the army. During this time, there won't be any issue of Pain."

"pouet.net is starting to 'leave its own life', writes Kenet, 'with a self-growing database maintained by its visitors'. In case you don't know this three-week-young service yet, it's an interactive demo screenshot/review database, http-based of course. You can not only comment on demos but even choose an avatar. 'Pouet.net is to Dmoz.org what Demoo is to Yahoo.'"

"Shine+Fleur. 'SHINE+FLEUR=TRUE' was announced at Shine's website some time ago. We're experiencing another merger in the world of diskmags. True #1 (or whatever it will be called) will be released within four weeks, perhaps even this weekend. Baloo is making the interface open source so that 'other people than me can fix the bugs, cause I'm quite sure that there will exist some'."

"7Zone is a new diskmag in Russian language. Its first issue contains a couple of interesting articles and interviews with people like Action and brothomStates (ex-Dune). There's also a bonus directory with an unusual special feature, namely all votesheets that have been submitted to the mag. Usually diskmag editors keep them secret for privacy reasons."

"Grapevine. Some people wanted to resurrect the UK-based Amiga diskmag Grapevine by LSD (last issue released in 1994) as a web-magazine but the old editors stopped the project. 'There is already a much superior 'magazine' to Grapevine for all to see, it's called the World Wide Web!' someone who said to be one of 'the original Grapevine guys' explained to me in an email."

"Orange Juice. The homepage of Orange Juice's netradio Nectarine is up. Check it out if you don't know it yet! The charts section and the domain are also too new to have been mentioned in Hugi 19. Besides, the 2000th scener has recently added himself to the people database."

"Scene City have announced that their first diskmag will come soon. You can check out a screenshot at their site - somehow looks a bit like the Sega Mega CD player interface."

"Scene.org. The scene.org site has been redesigned. It looks more colourful and is still well structured. Now you can also search the archive directly here (and don't have to go to the Orange Juice site first). The credits on the site suggest that the scene.org staff are still planning to create a web magazine. In other words: Heavy extensions may be likely to happen in the near future."

"Subkult. The 6th issue of this dubious, aggressive fake-magazine by Dr. Spock and Pop has been released. Rumour has it that the staff is involved in a civil lawsuit because of its contents."

"Talent released the first issue of The Official Eurochart PC."

"The Party complain center. Trifox/Nuance has registered a .de domain for his therapeutic center. Basically this is a web-based forum where you can post your thoughts about last year's edition of The Party in Aars/Denmark, and you can vote for your favourite argument why The Party 'sucks'. Recently photos that explain Trifox's point of view have been added. I just want to remind in this context that the organizers of The Party are planning to make the event more attractive for the demoscene this year."