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By Adok & Magic

Alcatraz - Up & Rising

In Hugi #34 there was already a big article on Alcatraz reporting what happened after their rebirth on the PC. Here is a small update on what happened next: Jogeir Liljedahl, who joined Alcatraz some time after our interview with him in Hugi #33, released a new album called Out Of Silence, which you can get here. The first track of this album called 'Nestea' was donated to this issue of Hugi. (Thank you!) Another track of this album called 'Floating' made it into a great music disk from Alcatraz called 'Jail House Voices', which you can get here. Recently the Alcatraz member list has grown a lot. Amongst the new members are old Alcatraz coders Quedex and Poseidon! Also 3d-artist Sayris, Morci and Peach are to be seen on the Alcatraz memberlist. Hugi thinks Alcatraz could be the next best thing on the demoscene for 2009 (and even beyond!). Latest news: Mudia Art #3 was released.

Anarchy party 1992 party video

Check out this great party video! This video gives a unique inside on the UK demoscene from 1992. See how mostly teens are among the visitors of this party. (Oh boy have we all have grown old :) At 25:53 you can see an interview with a very young graphic artist called Facet of Anarchy (later he was a member of Lemon. and TBL amongst others, and now now residing in Brainstorm on the PC). Facet talks about his latest works for Anarchy like Legalise It 2 and Hardcore. Also he mentions maybe joining Core Design to make games. Download this video at


A new site for hires graphics has been opened at

Assembly 2008

After Assembly 2008, there was a discussion in the Assembly mailinglist concerning the graphics competition. The entry "Wildlife" (second place) had been created using a stock photo from a website, which was not obvious during the compo. In the end Assembly main organizer Abyss of Future Crew decided to leave the results unchanged, but make the competition rules stricter next year so that such a thing will not happen again.

Bitjam remix compo

The Bitjam remix compo was cancelled during the voting period because a lot of fake votes arrived.


Capped.TV has opened. It's a flash video site, a kind of Youtube for the demoscene. Capped.TV allows anyone to upload video captures. The videos will be converted to high-quality flash-compatible MP4s.


In the greetings parts of demos, the demogroups are often listed in alphabetical order. Thus Farbrausch often comes after Fairlight. To change this, Farbrausch have decided to rename themselves to Fairbrausch. ;-)


Tomcat/Mawi about the status of Freax Volume 2: "Nothing has changed since the last Hugi. No cover art either. It was standing still. Maybe you're more interested why. The political situation is very serious, Hungary is on the brink of a civil war, and I am caught in the middle of it. My 'terror' case court session will start in November, and I have to concentrate all my efforts on not getting imprisoned for 5-15 years. That's what you can get for blogging. I am still on Freax anyway." Freax volume 1 has been reprinted and is available again.

Jurassic Pack

Jurassic Pack Online moved to is a new Internet radio, streaming tracked music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Textmode Demo Competition

After Sol stopped hosting TMDC (read the article in Hugi #34), Northern Dragons decided to continue the annual contest. The website has moved to Submissions will be accepted in the time between November 11th and December 12th, 2008.

Un4seen Developments

BASS (Best Available Sound System) 2.4 is out, as well as version 2.4 of the MO3 encoder. More:


Version 1.5.2 of the Amiga emulator WinUAE has been released.

Adok & Magic