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Israel 2007: Short Review of the Political Situation (Trachtman "CoaXCable" Ze'ev)

In the last past year the situation in Israel has been changing like hell. From this short war between Israel – Hizballah to some silence. In the occupied areas or what used to be so (since 80% of those are in Palestinians hands these days and have been for a few years) there have been many small incidents. Even the Palestinians among themselves have been fighting and killing each other. For example – Gaza strip. The City of Sderot, my own city, has not been bombed much for a few months but the Israeli Government has been making big plans for a civilian evacuation. Many Soldiers have been coming over here and there are days that a city of 25,000 people is looking like a big army camp. Civilians were leaving the city and some were coming instead, it is a madness. There're days people don't even get out because there are signs for kassam rockets shooting from the Palestinian side. It is not about who wins or loses, it is not about who is right or wrong, it is just the whole situation goes crazy. For now, the amount of kassam rockets being Sent to the Israeli side is less than in the previous months but as I wrote in the past, they are no longer home made rockets but made in factories. It seems that the war and the situation in the formerly occupied areas made Israel change its thoughts about defense and a changing some of our habits, believes and more occurs. About the technology and hi tech after those ones, it seems the Israeli companies are still becoming strong in those areas and even working hard for the new design of armies -> hi tech armies. The government of the USA and European and even Asian states buy a lot of hi tech patents and invest a lot of money in many projects. Telling the Europeans are not a part of the World's Wars efforts is a big lie as even I did not know they were doing so. Iran's nuclear story is getting all of the previous mentioned to ask and to be a part of a big thinking and planning with the Israeli intelligence and army forces. It seems there will be some cooperation if it is needed.

For summing up, if I thought and maybe all of us thought that the situation would be better and that it is all right now, we're wrong. All details and data are showing that there will be another war. Today (16 April 2007) one of the main Hizballah's leaders said that they are following commands from Iran and will be fighting Israel if it is needed in the real next future. We wait and prepare.