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News about Pleten (Wattle) (By Mitchell)

Hello readers of Hugi magazine!

It's me again, mitchell/hardwave/mostly harmless/Pleten (Wattle).

I hope you heard about our musical band called "Pleten (Wattle)".

"Pleten" is the Russian translation of the word "Wattle".

Well, 2006 year was not bad for our group. Why? Because we had some big concerts on the festivals and clubs. The places are Moscow and Moscow region.

24-26 june of 2006

We have gained big experience on the festival "Pustie Holmi" (near Tarusa town) Good professional scene, good sound, good tech. support. I have seen there many interesting people like musicians and visitors.

Our concert was listened to by about 2000 visitors. It was great!

23 jul of 2006

The following big concert was in the centre of Moscow, in the club "Veresk", on the Arbat street. "Veresk" is a famous place in the Moscow.

24 december 2006.

Concert in the Central House of Journalist. It was the festival "Neformat".

And another news... At moment we're finishing our first DVD disk. On the DVD you can find our photos, videos from festival "Rock February 2006" and concert on the Rambler TV, in program "Night is possible".

Ah, I've totally forgotten about our concert on the Rambler TV. Yeah! It was a very, very interesting thing! Our emotions were very hot! :-) The date of this event is 23 october 2006. Some our demoscene friends have seen it.

I know that from Vinnny/Di_Halt team from Nizhniy Novgorod. City and towns - Ufa, Murmansk, Arhangelsk, Penza, Ukraine.

Rambler TV is a satellite channel and has auditorium in all of Russia and Ukraine. And I heard that people in England know about that channel.

What can I say about TV? It's like a narcotic. ;-) I want more and more of our concerts to be broadcast on TV.

What can I say more?

At the moment we have many contacts with different clubs - Moscow, Tula, Ukraine.

We have seen invitations for tour in South of Russia. In the press release of orgs I find next towns: Taganrog, Krasnodar, Rostov on Don, Voronezh, Kursk, Sochi and some small part of Ukraine - Kharkov city. But we have our non-musical jobs and we cannot do it.

Also I have seen an invitation for realization of our concert on the CC demoparty. Maybe it will happen in the future.

See you! Visit our offical site

For last words I send greets to our friends: ASD, Kewlers, PAiN, Hugi, Nevidimka, Mostly Harmless, OX-Fanzine, The Sands, t-rex, CC, Di_Halt org team, Art Field, Power Amiga, Extreme, Agent Orange, Ghost, Flash inc, Delirium Tremens, Dodo, Zammex.Nortec, Fungus, Triumph, AND, RCL, Mindw0rk, Upi, Night, Wlodek Black, Eplh/CPU, Raver/Phantasy

8/01/2007 Anshukov Vladimir aka Mitchell ICQ: 230967019