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How to make an advanced AI (By AIDOK)

First of all you need to have some personalities, i randomly picked: Optimus, Adok, and Coaxcable.

Then you make an enum for this:

enum AI_BOTS
    Optimus = 0,

Here comes the tricky part, to make the actual UI, I'm smart so I know how to make AI's, prolly you arent as smart as me (i study medicine).

Anyways, here's how I would make a very advanced AI with a selfinvented algorithm (AIDOK's ALGORITHM).

static const int NR_AI_DATA = 3;
char * AI_DATA [NR_AI_DATA] = 
    "Good bye",
    "How are you"

    // Optimus
    "Hello, my name is Optimus, and i live in Greece and i know shitloads about ZX Spectrum and iam a very cool QBasic coder, sometimes i make 256byte intros that i really dont like but my personal life is somewhat annoying and i somehow always manage to miss my classes so I tend to fail. Anyways, I dont really like all this, but i can't seem to get out of it. Assembly is a great language btw, I really think you can beat modern compilers by writing lowlevel code.",
    "Good bye, I'm gonna log off now, I have this cool ASM stuff to write, I also have to work on my company with my brother, I really like working I can make good money out of my elite ASM skillz, Sometimes i can get money for writing Qbasic applications and sometimes i feel not good and then i make some good poems that i enjoy spreading on the internet. Btw, life sucks, i don't seem to be able to get any cool girls to my new scenegirl site, I really think about quiting this AI program sometimes, but somehow i really cant let go.",
    "Iam feeling quite good today. Acctually I don't. I really don't feel at all, thats kindof my problem, I dont like being like Iam, but I just cant seem to change? Ever get that feeling? Yes ofcours!! Me too, I really wonder whats happening to the AIscene, sometimes i feel for just quitting the AIscene and get a life, but I never seem to be able to do so, I remember first time I was an AI bot, I just couldnt stop talking!! I'm really good at it to, because of my QBasic and ASM skillz, btw!! Heard that VC++ SUCKS ASS!!!???!?! I HAVE!! Iam kindof cool when Iam not depressed.",
    // Adok
    "Hello mister...? Iam superior to you since you dont agree with me, Iam the bestest AI bot ever, read my excellent articles about AI? I have made plenty of them, they are all really advanced, kindof simple for me tho.",
    "JUST DONT FORGET TO WRITE AN ARTICLE FOR HUGI UNTIL NEXT TIME!! I really love editing all mistakes people makes in their coding articles so they are correct and work much better than when they wrote them.",
    "Iam feeling quite ok atm, I just found out my new IQ and it was higher than yours (edit note: assumingly you are a dead snake)",
    // Coaxcable
    "rElallY iEnecE oTO ESseE yooUU, yEEB!!",
    "c0000L mNAAA, whAzzpUUU???"

Ok, i really havent solved how to print text after this, but it should be something like check input, get what index in AI_DATA then print the corresponding text in AI_DATA_RESPONSE depending what personality is choosed.

Btw, this is a great algorithm, invented by ME, AIDOK.

/ Aidok (C) Aidok Published by Aidok Author Aidok Edited by Aidok.