Hugi Magazine #33: MP3 Power

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Editorial by Adok/Hugi

Hi there,

Late 2006 and the early third of 2007 have had many exciting moments for the demoscene. Assembly, Evoke, TUM and Breakpoint were held, and at all of these parties there were some interesting and impressive releases. This issue of Hugi covers these past events and the productions. Furthermore, we take a look at what's coming in for the future, and the coding tutorial and literature sections are included in this issue again, as well.

News from inside the Hugi staff? Chris Dragan got married. We wish him and his wife Malgorzata best luck!

Greetings to everybody who has been involved in this issue, especially to the authors of the articles, Magic who's been a great help in organizing, the musicians - Siatek, Buzzer, Mice and Chromag -, Bridgeclaw for his gfx, Polaris for bringing Hugi to Block Party, and Noogman for his logo.

Enjoy reading Hugi #33 featuring more than 800 kb of texts!

Yours, Adok/Hugi