Hugi Magazine #33: MP3 Power

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"Project 2501" by Addict Labs (By Adok/Hugi)

Complex 3D scenes, layers, noise and a couple of great pictures are the ingredients of this fine demo made by the Polish group Addict Labs, released at Symphony 2006. Presented by default in the very high resolution of 1280x1024, it's a visually stunning appearance. Basically the demo consists of four scenes. The first and second are set in rooms and focus on an object in the center of the room; the object of the first scene has reminded me of one that appears in fr-08: .the .product, while the second scene revolves around a beating heart. In the third scene we get to see a tunnel from various perspectives, 2D and 3D, moving and rotating, colours fading. For a while the tunnel is partially flooded with the animation of the water being quite impressive. In this scene, the credits are also displayed. The fourth and final scene is the actual highlight of the demo: It features some very well animated humanoids and robot arms in a highly detailed room. At the beginning and the end of the demo, 2D images by Shexbeer are displayed. Of course the action on screen is accompanied by music, which didn't enter my memory the first time I watched the demo, but at least wasn't disturbing. Moreover, some texts from Wikipedia are displayed during the demo. All in all, this must have been a hell load of work for the coder and especially for the 3D graphicians. Impressive! A must-see if you can afford the 19 MB download. Credits: Code - Volgut, 3D Graphics - Luko, Potworeq, 2D Graphics - Shexbeer, Music - Traymuss.