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Iris pushes TBL from the Easter Throne by Magic of Nah-Kolor


For five years on a row, TBL won THE Easter Amiga demo competition at Mekka/Symposium and Breakpoint. But what did you know, 2006 saw the end of an era! Did Mawi finally win? Hell no! They didn't even have a demo this year! His name is Dr.Doom of Iris and beating TBL finally gave him the glory he deserved: "I am doctor Doom, you know, well, not much more to say really - I'm in a stupid mood today, I am in Iris, coder and brilliant", he tell us in a state of mind.

Kilofix beats Requiem

Kilofix was the name of the Amiga demo which came one at Breakpoint 2006. Dr.Doom comments: "Oh.. well, it took about six months on and off. It's really hard to say how long. It took many years of coding experience after all. So I guess in the end, it took about 20 years to make that demo." Hugi knows about the secracy surrounding Kilofax. Nobody knew about the excistence of this demo. Even not most Iris members! At first Dr.Doom was in a denial. "Ah, this is a funny rumour. I don't know why anyone would believe we keep secrets from each other in Iris. We're a team, you know. Who spreads these rumours I don't know", he comments. But at BP'06 Darkhawk of Iris told me otherwise so Dr.Doom could not do anything else but confess: "Oh.. well, because it was fun. It was a real effort to keep it secret. Only Nutman and I knew about it, and Stingray/Scarab was initiated into our little mystery a few days before the party because we needed someone extra to test it. We really didn't gain anything from it. But that's the point. I decided to keep it secret because there was really no reason to", Dr.Doom comments.

To understand the background of this winning demo and to learn mote about Dr.Doom himself we interrogated Dr.Doom exclusively for Hugi issue 33.

Why do you have a fetish with the colour red and blood in your graphics?

The colour red is awesome. It's my favourite colour. For some it's, say, blue, that would be Darkhawk's favourite, I think. I like red.

Why did your demo win against the Ephidrena demo and The Black Lotus demo?

My demo won because it was marginally better than the Ephidrena demo. Ephidrena's might have been technically a little bit more impressive, but it needed much more design work. The TBL demo was just really unfinished.

Will you release a new Amiga demo at Breakpoint 2007? Or will you keep this a secret? Why will this demo win again against TBL and EPH?"

Ah.. that's the important question. Because we will win the bp07 amiga compo. Kilofix was an odd mix of different stuff. There's a lot of great stuff in it that never really gets to show. Next time it will, and of course, it'll have more graphics than you could dream of. But I can't say too much. Except it's no secret this time. ;)

Why will you (Iris) never make a PC demo and/or win BP'08 with it?

Who said we wouldn't? We do have a PC division, and they've made some really promising stuff so far. But I'll let their work speak for itself when the time comes. ;)

Who is your most favourite Iris member and why?

Darkhawk. Just him. Because he's the bestest.

Use this opportunity to say whatever you want and/or to greet people etc..

Well, Scarab will never dominate the world. That's all ;)


And here Hugi leaves Dr.Doom on his quest to win another Breakpoint Amiga demo competition. We wish him all the luck in the world! Meanwhile in the laboratories of The Black Lotus something exceptional has been created. Did Dr.Doom know that TBL had their best demo saved for Assembly 2006? I don't think so. You could say Iris won against a 2nd hand TBL demo or as Dr.Doom said, a rather unfinished one. ;-) Ah well, Amiga won the Assembly 2006 demo compo over all PC demos. Look somewhere else in Hugi for a review of this demo, Starstruck by The Black Lotus! End of transmission..

Please note: You need WinUAE to run either Kilofax, Requiem or Starstruck on your Windows based PC!

Second note:


"Now that Breakpoint 2007 has been held we can conclude that you didn't compete with your earlier planned Amiga demo. What happened? And why will you win Breakpoint 2008 Amiga demo competition with it?"

Dr. Doom:

"It just wasn't finished, I didn't have time to finish it. I found myself switching jobs all of a sudden, and then I didn't have the time I needed. These things take many months, I'm tired of last-minute productions and I will win bp08 with it because by then it will be finished."

Magic of Nah-Kolor