Hugi Magazine #33: MP3 Power

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Quotes from the demoscene... (Collected by Magic of Nah-kolor)

Taken from several sources, for example, but also some other sources...

"looks like an invitation to the homo children abusers club"

- TMB of Scoopex describing The Ultimate Meeting 2006 invitation by Speckdrumm. Finally TMB shows his true self!

"this is not art, this is bullshit. get a life, lamers"

- TMB of Scoopex commenting the demo Captive by ASD after he decided to get a life himself by leaving Scoopex.

"Tmb, next time please kill yourself instead of 'your' group"

- Hollowman reacting on TMB's Captive comment.

"Damn yes. Now people can forget about fr-025 and bitch and whine that your next demos will not be a debris 2."

- Shifter of Limp Ninja about Debris by Farbrausch.

"When I began participating in the Scene, I was allowed to be in one single group. Isn't that enough ?"

- Ghandy in the closing words of Pain issue 48. We of Hugi now understand why Ghandy publishes his articles in more than one diskmag and on more than one computer platform.

"suffice to say, fairlight demo division (on pc) doesnt have an organiser. it just has some skilled people who decide they want to do a production, talk about it and make it. there is no need for someone called an 'organiser' to babysit that process. =) that's it =)"

- Smash of Fairlight when asked how Fairlight is organized.

"we coders always have these graphician/musician people hanging around keeping us from the booze.."

- Loaderror of Ephidrena explaining why he doesnt code at parties

"we┬┤re just a bunch of computer nerds"

- Virgill explaining why he is still active on the demoscene

"Well, BP07 is over. Now, we can see that Farbrausch's and Fairlight's '64 Mb size limit' demand was a provocation: in fact, the first one released 170 kb demo, second one even beat them, releasing zero kb :) Very funny :) I felt something like this would happen. Anyway, I'm happy to see such small demo on the first place, congratulations! "

- Manwe about the new breakpoint 2007 PC demo compo sizelimit.

"This is the first prod I've commented for over a year, maybe 2, (your last comment was on the 12th of May 2004 -ed) but when I saw it on the Breakpoint stream I got goosebumps. It reminded me what I used to love about the scene. Total respect!"

- Wade of Scoopex commenting his Feelings about the Desert Dream remake on the commodore C-64.

"If you have not seen the breakpoint 2007 winner Debris by Farbrausch go check this one out:"

- Source held anonymous on the request from the author.

"ah and one more thing. I knew all the time that Debevec's building.hdr HDRI cube map has the best lighting properties, hard to recreate using homebrew photography techniques. But i think you should credit Debevec in this prod. Just because it is really good."

- Bonzaj of Plastic on about the winning WILD demo Suicide Barbie by TBL (PSP) after Bonzaj did not do this with the party version of Final Audition. :) Buzka :)

"Where is Fiver2? Maybe sleeping in a hotel or something. He did all stuff."

- Chaos of Farbraush at the priceceremony of Breakpoint 2007 wondering why Fiver2 didn't show up yet and where the hell he really is.

"Thanx a lot everybody, it was one the greatest moments in my life, thank you thank you, thank you"

- Fiver2 of Farbrausch showed up afterall after Debris was played again on the bigscreen at Breakpoint 2007.

"While you guys were at BP/TG... I was 'rendering' the best 'demo' of my life so far... my daughter ! (that reminds me of the film Goonies when the Japanese inventor, after finding his son is alive, says 'You are my best invention'. Aww...) Ehm, anyway, all is well. Now back to the dungeon to work on the next 'PC' demo. Fr you bastards.. :-)"

- Navis of ASD explaining why there was no ASD release this easter. Hugi congratulates Navis for his first child!