Hugi Magazine #33: MP3 Power

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What happened 15 issues ago

Hugi #18 was released in December of 1999. Some of the news from this issue:

" Access Denied. Now it's official: The newly re-formed group Access Denied plan to release at least two new issues of their diskmag Scenial. According to Venior (main editor), Scenial #5 and #6 are already finished, yet unreleased. In the meantime you can download the older issues at the Scenial website. " To date, Scenial #5 and #6 haven't been released...

" Comic Pirates. The scene-news site Network will close on January 1st, 2000. Comic Pirates will 'play a major role in an international community-project' instead. What this means will be revealed next year at the place where Network used to be. " The domain was passed on to the C64 group Padua. The site behind is still under construction. Every year the site has been updated with a remark that the new scene-central will be launched in that year.

" Pain. Pain 12/99 will be the last Pain issue edited by Fred/Calodox. Pain will have a new maineditor in 2000. Fred refuses to reveal any more information, but diskmag scene insiders speculate that it could be Unlock/Vantage. " And yes, it is Unlock, although first he was one of two main editors together with Asc/Nowadays. But Unlock is the only of the two who is still in business today.

" Sunray. The December edition of Sunray, the new annual scene-review mag, is out! It features reports of almost all parties, reviews of many demos, intros, graphics, and tunes released there, some words about every release of ten large scene music labels, charts based on 140 votesheets, and more. 5.7 mbyte packed. "

" Tatanka released issue 6 of their Polish diskmag Total Disaster and issue 2 of their English diskmag Amber. "

" CFXweb is a new demo and game development site by Civax. It features a daily updated newscorner, discussion forums, polls, gallery, links, download stats, and web-based IRC access. New features are added weekly. " The site has been officially closed in 2006.

" Doose charts are back online (beta launch), this time running on MySQL and PHP, so the charts are updated in real time. The site also has links to many popular demos for download. "

" Eed:mag. Xhale released a first "test" issue of eed:mag. The magazine was made within a few hours and is based on Shockwave Flash. In this way it is both possible to view it online and to download it like a diskmag. Eed:mag issue#1 has an extraordinary interface and a few texts. If the scene accepts this mag, then Xhale will release a new issue every two or four weeks. " It remained the only issue, however.

" Gfxzone has moved to a new location. " Now it's completely down.

" IMAgE. The fifth issue of IMAgE, a German diskmag, was released. Soon followed an updated version called IMAgE #5a. There are some more articles, the interfaces have been bugfixed, and more orthography errors have been corrected. Supports Win32 and DOS, contains 500kb of articles, and three bonus tracks are also downloadable. " It was the last issue of IMAgE.

" Imphobia produced the first scene audio CD in cooperation with Fusecon, 'audiophonik'. Read more in an article in this Hugi. Vic and Bjorn Lynne will be at The Party 99 selling the CD. "

" Vinyl. The first issue of the South American scene magazine Vinyl (also called Vinilo) is out. It features 300 kbyte of articles in English and Spanish. There are a text version and a HTML version. "

" Wild Bits released the first three issues of a new diskmag called Wilby. Read more about it in this Hugi. "

" Orange Juice. Orange Juice 2.0 has been launched. It allows registered users to add news, parties, and edit their personal information themselves in a web-based interface. An FTP search engine for demoscene productions is also under development. Mind that the URL has changed. " Now Orange Juice is history, too.