Hugi Magazine #33: MP3 Power

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Scenebits (Collected & Edited By Adok/Hugi)

Der SPIEGEL writes about the demoscene

The online edition of the big German magazine "Der SPIEGEL" published an article about the demoscene in October 2006.


Alive #13 Atari ST diskmag was released at Evoke 2006 (August 2006).

Chimera Music

The following text has been sent to us by Alpha Centauri of Chimera Music:

"Chimera Music is underway! Five tracker musicians banded together to form a group that's dedicated to releasing quality music of all styles in module format. We had our first release on February 16th, 2007, 'Unleashing the Chimera', a music pack featuring music of all members. All our releases are/will be available in both module and MP3 formats. Check us out on and support us by sharing your feedback!"


Ryg/Farbrausch released his exe-packer kkrunchy to the public on August 24, 2006.

Hugi has recently asked Ryg about what's new in Farbrausch, and he replied: "Really, there's no juicy gossip about us atm, none that i know of right now at least except that we're tired but happy after BP, but that isn't exactly news I guess :) There are some ideas that might mature into demos yet, but nothing concrete so far."

You can read more about Farbrausch's demo "debris" in this Hugi issue.

Fairlight News by Reed/Flt

There isn't that many news yet, we'll release at least two demos later this year and many of us will be at the Backslash party in Sweden in july.

Freax News by Tomcat/Mawi

We agreed with CSW-Verlag that we will release Freax Vol.1. Second Edition during summer. Vol.1. is out of stock already. The Second Edition will be a bit improved, mostly grammar-wise :) Vol.2. was planned for summer also, but will be delayed to around xmas. There will probably be a joint edition, both volumes together, with cover art from Prince of The Obsessed Maniacs, and the German version is under translation.

Mindcandy 2

Mindcandy 2 - Best of Amiga demos - is already available at maz-sound. Read the reviews in this Hugi issue.

New Russian Site

A new Russian site about the ZX Spectrum demoscene has opened. It features demos, games, intros, music, groups, history and photos.

Numedia Cyclops

Fizzie of Numedia Cyclops got married in December 2006. His wife is a coder as well (though not a demoscener).


New Plastic demo on another platform?

Since issue 32 of Hugi nothing has been released by Plastic until today. A few days before the release of Hugi 33 we asked Xenusion of Plastic what's up? Perhaps a release at Assembly 2007? This was his only reply: "Probably earlier who knows :) We are working. New platforms aren't easy." New platform or not, the best of luck to the whole Plastic crew!

Resfest 06

The demoscene had a presentation at the Vienna chapter of this year's Resfest. You can see the video of this event at YouTube.


Savage Charts #1 was released on 26 December 2006. The archive is 6 MB and contains a magazine with charts about the international scene. Issue 9 of the diskmag Savage has also been released; it's in Polish.


TAC #9 (Polish diskmag) was released in November 2006. The archive is 26.5 MB.

Snarf by Boreal

A screen-shot utility by Boreal named "Snarf" is available from his website.

Zine the return?

(News sent to the Hugi Scenebits HQ by our inside Brainstorm spy)

"Fans of diskmags might have noticed at Breakpoint that there was a very special entry in the democompo. Announced by KB / Farbrausch, a special announcement by Brainstorm followed named 'Surprise'. It said that a production by Brainstorm is coming back to life which ended in 1991. Could it possibly be that the once leading magazine ZINE will return? There are no further clues so far, so we'll just have to wait and see."