Hugi Magazine #33: MP3 Power

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Dark Basic Pro Programming #04 (By Fable Fox)

I plan to teach you about logic and looping, but hey, let's jump for another interesting topic before you all go bored. Let's talk about graphics.

load image "data\banhugi.jpg",1
load image "data\banfox.jpg",2
paste image 1,0,0,0
paste image 2,0,200,0
wait key 

To load an image, we use the load image command, followed by the file name, and image number to store it to. To put the image on screen, we use the paste image command, followed with the image number, x location, y location, and transparency. If you set the transparency to 1, black color (0,0,0) will be transparent.

Maybe this is not the right way to add banner to your productions, but it's a quick way to add graphics on screen.

Yes, now you can see where we are heading ;-) I mean, it's a DBP tutorial inside HUGI, you should have guess what is the end product. OK, so I'm not a graphician, but it is enough for a start. So I guess what next is to add real time graphics in the middle! Would it be a rotozoomer or plasma? Or would it be a 3d scenery just like Razor 1911 'Bomb' cracktro? Hmmmm? Or just a rotating 3d cube?

But that would be for the next issue of HUGI!

Fable Fox