Caption competition

By CiH

It's competition time and here's a scary picture, the sort of holiday photo that you don't want to take home with you! Now can the witty and opinionated readers of Hugi come up with some suitably biting and funny captions to go with this picture?

There's no prize, unless Adok wants to say differently, but you get the warm satisfied feeling of contributing some sharp humour to a world tragically short of such things....

Here's the picture coming up for you now, and a few caption ideas that I came up with myself to get you going, (in the general direction of "away"?)

(Click image to view it full screen size!)

1. "Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking.. We will be landing at Frankfurt international airport shortly, apart from those parts of the aircraft which have already landed!"

2. With an extra-heavy payload of sceners and their gear on the flight from Tampere, Ryanair were desperate to save weight any way they could!

3. "And I got this nice clear picture of the whole thing, because the guy sitting in the window-seat doubled over to throw up!"

Can you do better? I'm sure you can!

CiH for Hugi #31 - April '05