Review: Multiverse by Loonies

written by Magic of Nah-kolor

With a new Amiga demo by Loonies at Breakpoint 2005 (one of the past winners of Mekka/Symposium) it would have been nice if this demo had got the no. 1 spot from The Black Lotus. After all competition is also a reason why demos get better and better, of course.

The Multiverse demo starts in a white room with two screens. On the screens we can read 'Breakpoint 2005' and 'Loonies'. Then a screen zooms in on a face of a man. Zooming along we suddenly find ourselves in space and see some nice stars.. Still zooming we come upon our own planet earth! Zooming in on earth we come to..... Europe and then... Germany - hehe, cool ;-)

Then we get to the credits part. A 3d city displaying the names of the people who made this demo:

Code: Psycho & Blueberry
Music: Booster
Graphics: Farfar, Laika, Maytz & Cheesy/TBC

The 3d city looks nice. Spinning around in it, we see a flying UFO. It finally lands in the city, and it becomes clearly visible that it has the shape of.... the partyhall of breakpoint 2005 ;) Cool! Aliens didn't eat the demomaker of Loonies :D Then follows a nice scene with a radiopost transmitting. The air with clouds looks nice, as well as the radiopost itself. The next scene is some mountainscape. Looking from above and moving along we see a volcano with black smoke coming out of it. Moving foward, we get to see even more volcanos. I liked Silkcut's mountains more though. They had more detail. But still these are nice too!

Greetings time. A huge font is used, spinning around in the air. White/grey with just a little brown in it. Loonies greet who have to be greeted on a black background. Of course timed on the music. Now the next part is interesting. It looks like a huge picture of a landscape with a city far in the background. A voice starts to speak what feels like some 'heavy' words but I can't comprehend what he says exactly though. Especially the first few lines. The camera moves along the picture (it's huge), which produces an atmospheric futuristic look.

Next comes something that looks very 'Loonie'-like to me. Especially remembering Cybercinamatastic. In my eyes, the textures have improved just a little since then. But hey, this rocks: A walking robot carrying the body of a woman in some kind of hall. Then we see a room. A nice one with windows and furniture. Oh, oh - trough the windows we can see more droids outside. Danger? I guess so because in the next scene we can see a lot of futuristic airplanes with skulls painted on them flying in the air and they are attacking. Ground artillery firing back on them!

"Multiverse......Loonies 2005" we now see moving around on the screen. In a space and stars enviroment. Nice white clusters fading in and out too. The demo has ended. The music is some nice techno but not THAT special. That's certainly one of the reasons why Ocean Machine won and Multiverse got 2nd. Yolk/CNCD simply made a splashing mp3 for TBL's demo. All in all Multiverse is a nice demo to see and watch (looking from a non-coder perspective of course). A great effort to make, especially anno domini 2005. Good work, Loonies! In my opinion, Multiverse could however have been a little bit longer. On Ghandy of Scarab comments: "Could have been a bit longer but very, very cool!!! I am curious to see if TBL can manage to win again next year as Loonies improve and improve." And of course we are curious to see this as well. Will it ever happen? We wait and wonder.

Note: You'll need WinUAE to watch this demo!

Magic / Nah-kolor