What happened 15 issues ago

Hugi #16 was released in July of 1999. It contained a lot of news - about 28 kb. Some of the most interesting news items were the following ones:

"BEST AVAILABLE SOUND SYSTEM - BASS 0.5. was released. It now works with Win NT too. Hugi uses this soundsystem." It still does. (Though it's now a more recent version of BASS.)

"CALODOX - opened a scene review page. The idea is: everybody can report about stuff he downloaded that he liked there, and everybody can also delete reviews he does not like from that page." The Calodox Demolinks Exchange deserves to be called the predecessor of pouet.net.

"ENDZEIT - Rokdazone, main editor of the Amiga diskmag Generation, has left. Rumour has it that he will stop his scene career completely, which also means that he will give up his main editing job for Generation. The logical sucessors are The Ripper and Alvin. However, Alvin is said to have joined the staff of Devotion, another new Amiga/HTML scenzine. Is Generation dead? The web-site has not been updated for months." Yes, this was indeed the end of a great magazine.

"EXCEED - want to found a label called Exceed Light or Exceed OEM for smaller projects while the original Exceed focuses on big projects such as the Berlin megademo."

"GO64! - Starting with issue 8/99, the last commercial German C64 paper magazine will be available in English as well." Some issues of GO64! were sold at Breakpoint 2005 - all of them were in German language, though.

"HUGI - Psykax joined as a proofreader. He lives in Australia. A Russian division of Hugi was formed, currently consisting of Flux, Boris Tarasov, EstEps, Maxx, Michael Silver, Virtual 303, and W-lord. Their task is to create a Russian-language edition of Hugi, consisting of a translation of the international section and a local part. The Russian edition is to be released at the party Paradox '99 in Kazan/Russia (August 7-8, 1999). Hugi Size Coding Competition #7 is over, and the eight [sic] compo started. The target is to code the smallest possible morse encoder/decoder for x86 CPUs. Several issues of Hugi were reviewed in the French computer magazine PC-Team and the German magazine PC-Magazin. Hugi released a photopack of the Austrian Scene Meeting 2k-1 [...] Hugi will soon get its own domain. Salami/Nothing paid the expenses for a year in advance, for which the Hugi Staff thanks him a lot."

"MONO211 - released their last musicdisk. From now on they will release their music in MP3 instead of mod-based formats." This was the beginning of netlabels.

"MOONHUNTERS - The Israeli scene center, the Coders F/X BBS, has closed." An international website, cfxweb.net, followed.

"OFFICIUM - Quartz ponders on organizing an Italo-Austrian party in Linz, Austria, during the Prix Ars Electronica 2000. Its probable name will be TripTrap." But it didn't take place. Not a single demo party has ever been held in Austria.

"RAZOR 1911 - are reforming their Demo Division. If you are a talented Coder (especially Win32), 3D Artist or Modeller, then we want to haer [sic!] from you." So this was how Razor 1911 demo division got back into business.

"SCOOPEX - Large parts of Seenpoint #9 (the leading Amiga diskmag) have been converted to HTML. In the future all issues shall be made available as HTML. Seenpoint can also be read using WinUAE." I do not remember having ever seen any full issue of Seenpoint converted to HTML.

"STORM STUDIOS - is a young Russian demogroup. Actually it joined the scene in the end of 1998, although the group had been founded in 1995. The debut work was the megademo 'Realm of the inside' from ByteFall '99. The authors didn't have enough time to fix some bugs, so this demo fucked up everything. Now the group started working on a brand-new kickass megademo that will be presented at a summer or autumn demoparty. This group is not PC-only, it has ZX-Spectrum and Amiga divisions too, but at this moment only STORM-PC is active. The first issue of their Russian e-mag COOLer will be released soon." And this mag was released.

"TEKLORDS - Lonestar, a Linux coder and musican, and CP, a graphican, joined. Current demo projects: 'deine mutter', 'M.U.T.T.E.R.', and a secret project for Evoke. Teklords is in war with Elitegroup."

"TRINITY - Web-site got redesigned and updated. Twinsen changed his handle to Plek. Luminos left to concentrate on his real life. Sweex joined as a coder."

"TRIP! (diskmag) - The Trip! staff stopped working on the diskmag due to lack of support. Even requesting articles directly from people did not help. If you are interested to take over Trip!, you can get the sources of the Trip! interface from Fairway."

"UNIK - The guys from unik claim to be about to save the scene." Aha...