A life demo and the theory of absolute nothing

By Optimus

Say I was alone in the world with a computer only. Would I code a demo then? I doubt it. For I'd have no spectators. Then what? A game? Would be handy! Controling it while observing its reactions would be fun. A utility? Perhaps. It could help me code more funny interactive programs. But still, something is missing..


I would code life then. Life could play games. Life could watch demos too now. Life could use my utilities or code its own utilities in order to code life. Life would interact with life. But what kind of life?

How do I define life? Is it some kind of an AI programm? Not sure, but most probably something that looks like me. Games contain sprites that look like me. Is it enough? Life should be self-conscious. Which code would feel like so? How could I be aware of that anyway? Is it just a bit flag?

bool Me=TRUE;

From scratch. Say I was alone in the world with only a computer. But this time I start without knowing whether I am life or not. Perhaps I am one of those lifeless AI programms or one with a clear life flag..

Would I code a demo then? I have this strange feeling. Perhaps my first programms would not be demos in one sense. Could be in another. I think I need an output. The most obvious is the screen. However, I think I wouldn't even be searching for the power button. Just staying there, staring at this weird being. Is his life flag set? As I knew about mine..

We would just be objects interacting with each other. But then we would be life. Life needs interactivity. Any object would share some. Perhaps everything that exists is life in an alternative sense. Since it interacts and responds back after interaction.

Life can try the computer. It would respond. Life would respond back at the computer. It would get another answer. The computer is life. Life could also surf on the net and open threads at Pouet. They would respond back. Life needs Pouet. Pouet needs life. Pouet is life :)


I never intended to finish it this way! I might have spoiled this piece of crap for nothing, but I had a good laugh anyway when I made up the lines about Pouet! ;)

I started writing this, after wondering for once more why do I still want to code demos. Just for the sake of it? What if I was alone in the world? I doubt I'd have the motivation to code one. A demo is a demonstration. Someone else than the creator, should be watching I guess. That's how I got the idea about life coding life. And that's the point where this wild text continued (randomly).

Life needs interaction. It receives feelings back by that. Via which ways can demomaking achieve that? First, the demo itself is an interactive coding experiment. Life writes code and gets visual results back. Life is astonished by that! It needs to interact with anything, to experiment and keep it's own conclusions. A demo could also demonstrate life's abilities back to it. Life could improve after that. I don't know why. There can be either infinity or a dead end. Perhaps the dead end never comes as long as other lives decide to compete with you. They will force you to chase infinity then. And of course, demos are about impressing lifes watching them. Life receives feedback and fame then. And perhaps a job too ;)

Ok, I think I killed it again.

If I was you, I wouldn't try to count how many times I wrote the word "life". I would like to end this article by writing an even more weird and last piece.

What is nothing? Can you imagine that??? Do you think it's just black void in space? But there is black and there is void in it's description. It has a color, it has some properties, it's something! And it has actually a description that we are trying to define as I previously said. This is not nothing!!! Nothing should mean that you are not even there to feel it. If you had witnessed nothing then you wouldn't exist. You can't really imagine nothing, the real, the absolute nothing! It's as impossible as infinity. I could just assume that nothing comes when your brain stops working. Thus you could never grasp it.

Imagine the tiniest something. The smallest piece of anything ever! Can you guess what is this for nothing? And what does it mean for reality? It's almost touching zero in the real world but looks like everything compared to the real nothing! Because anything would be the most valuable thing ever for absolute nothing. While lim(t->0)=0 in the real world, lim(t->0) equals infinity for nothing. lim(t->0) is our tiniest something and 0 is absolute nothing. I am only wondering if we should talk about 0+ or 0- limit then ;)

What kind of a number is the tiniest something? zero comma infinite zeros and then one. If we are working with natural numbers, it would be a plain one. Zero is nothing. One is something. So, one equals to anything in front of zero. Zeros and ones, think. Zero is nothing without one to compare. By the occurrence of one, two states appeared. You could blink a light now :). And with many zeros and ones you can have beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, virtual landscapes ;). Zero alone is nothing but you can never encounter nothing because you can't know it is there without one to compare. It's like a fly inside ink. One is like a fly inside milk. Anything to compare with nothing was needed so that something was born!

But then again, the tiniest something is the most close thing to nothing. And lim(t->0)=0 while at the same time and under a diferrent view, lim(t->0)=infinite. I guess this tiniest something ever is actually nothing itself! And this was the trigger needed in order nothing to spread and form everything!!!

I believe this is how anything started. Nothing was struggling all alone to become something! Wicked? :]

Hell, this is n-times more wicked than the star wars scroller of Facts of Life! Deja Vu now. What does this part have to do with life? Simply, I just have the feeling that that's the way of how life had started out of nothing! I guess there was only one life at first, which later created life out of necessity. And if a second life could be anything (even a "lifeless" object) that the first one ever could interact with, then there was no other thing than the tiniest something at start. Which was nothing! I think that life and reality is just one and the same thing. Everything came out from the need for something to exist. Life bursted out of this unimaginable nothing. This could evolve to the theory that reality is inside our head (the nothing that exploded into everything we see and feel in this world) but I am tired of analyzing anymore :)

Perhaps God was just a lonely geek.

Optimus / Dirty Minds