By LoneStar/Hugi

There was a time when living alone was a catastrophy. Things were written that way, you had to get married, teach respect to your children. But it's only some kind of a 'model'. Such information were printed into your cortex since childhood. Lately - since the last two decades of the twentieth century - things have developed another way. Why? Where is the truth? Could it affect our species?

There's a new social context in the Internet era: Life is an introspection. People are asked the following questions:

What do you expect from life?
Do you want to learn from life?
Do you love yourself enough?
Do you have passions?
Would you give your passions your whole life?

What do you expect from life?

The human instinct was all about protection and this feeling of perennity. I'm happy: I do live so I'm happy, I'm not touched by illness. The problem comes with idleness and cortex working in a free - wild - way some hours a day. The vital point is about boredom. You do know what others do and expect the best of every moment; thirst for pleasures. You avoid any bad point. The result is a global egoistic elevation affecting responsiveness.

Do you want to learn from life?

The global loss of taste is a result of too much information, too many contacts... Imagine a guy going to the library in the early 1900's... No books at home. His action - going to the library - results from his longing for books. But why did he want to go there? Wanting something and going for it is an action. It is positive when it comes from a man's mind. He's an actor. He's trying to feed his mind; he's in need of this.

Now let's look at us. Our world's going virtual. I don't know exactly, but it's just a matter of time until 80% of global world communication will be through the Internet, phone, portables... Globally, it's rather that the information comes to you than that you look for it... It looks like boredom. What are you looking for? Just about nothing. No plan of life, no timeline as a future. How many people have to admit 'I live day by day, see what happens' and that's about it.

There are 2 extreme answers:

1. I do receive information; I'm a pseudo assimilator.
2. I do create a world around me.

Intellectual learning could be exactly linked to the physical action/reaction process. You learn if you give. Of course, more and more effort is required to do something genuine, and some will disappear in the masses after trying and trying...

So what do you want to learn from life? "Everything! Something new every day! I'm an actor" (positive suggestion).

Human species obsolete?

You have probably heard about the notion that the human species might be obsolete. What does this mean? As you should know any system down here relies on rules. The human species is based on procreation and having a positive balance between births and deaths.

One view of the story may be the following: The items of the system (us) have learned and egoistically decided to go to a unit bubble model. This could break the balance having heavy population reduction by 2,100,000, 2,200,000, 3,000,000? No one knows exactly but what's fundamental is all about the fact that the system is broken.

Back to life, back to our old statements

The countdown is delayed by unaffected populations. I mean civilizations untouched by new communication models. The current development may be reversible. As a matter of fact, this very text denotes many of us do understand what's happening in a subjacent way.


You'll never be alone as long as your reflection takes place ...