What girls love

By EP/CosmiK

What girls want?

Having fun: so use humour in general and make funny demos :) :) :)

Having sex: they want men who love girls so don't fuck men assholes.

Having children: this is their primary function in life.

Having protection: so be as strong and sturdy as possible and also evil with others.

Having confidence and trust in you but not totally: this makes you have more value as they don't know what you really are.

Having a guy who helps them when they need help, especially with household chores: washing dishes, laying the table, washing the car, helping the kids with their homeworks... But not everytime: you aren't a slave, you must be a man.

Having a guy who loves music: this bring harmony in their life and ability to make music it is even better (see my answer to kb web page soon for a demonstration).

Having a guy who is a friend and who is able to dance well: they love guys who are able to follow them in what they love to do.

Having a guy who is a cordon-bleu cook: don't want to make meals all the time.

Having a guy who has an aesthetic sense: girls are shape, harmony, beautiful based spirit, so remove black in your demos :) :) :)

A guy with a car: they don't want to walk as they are lazy and they want you to proof you're rich, so a car is this proof.

What girls don't want?

A guy who doesn't react when they need so: What's his use then?

A guy who doesn't have a brain: they need to think twice, tiring isn't it?

A guy who looks and acts like a kid and doesn't share anything with her: they want some help in life, not giving sex and doing houseworks only. They want both a lover and a friend.

A guy who uses them as a coin purse: they aren't a bank so...

Notice also that girls are not all identical: but be sure of one thing, ALL girls want to be happy, and with a guy who is funny, life is much better.

All girls are somewhat like boys: they change with time and if at first sight they were interested in your car, your money, if there is no true love and friendship between you and her, soon or later, your partnership will die.

And remember: they don't but don't love at all mechanics, technology, or anything mathematical. They love the fact they can use a car to go quickly from A to B but don't want to be annoyed by breakdowns or anything else about technology (virus on computers, etc). So be as simple as possible with her in your life if you want to keep going with their. Ha yeah, both girls and guys are allways from birthdate to death part adult and part child : they love playing and if you play with them you can have great fun. So get a lots of girls at the same time, this way they instinctively understand that if you aren't happy with one of her, others will replace them...