Default - Someone you need

Same faces same places same shit everyday
Keep questioning myself how long should I wait
Same Loses same wasting through time that has stopped
Iím losing myself and I lose till I die

I wake up at six 
Through goddamn good dream
Telling myself that its time
Itís time for new actions
For mental reactions
For so long awaited rebel

Rubbing my eyes, looking around
In searching if something has changed
I tried to prevent, to manage this fight
But this time I fucked up this game

Semi-bridge: Without ya

Brother, Iím splitted inside
Brother, falling throug time
Brother, I donít need your gun
Brother, just let me rely on... you

I wake up before 
I did the last time
Shouting to me that itís time
Itís time to compete 
To frequent your heart-beat
For freedom we both always need

Paving the ways, breaking the walls
Your presence is always with me
Never losing the faith, never closing the door
I always will follow your road

Semi-bridge: With ya

Brother, Iím not splitted inside
Brother, Iím not falling through time
Brother, I really need your guns
Brother, to bury them all at once

These are the lyrics of a song by the rock-band -=Default=-, which rand0m is a member of. Velikotskiy Konstantin is the name of their vocalist. He created the lyrics of this song.