The Wake-Up Call



Here is another chapter of The Wake-up Call story. I'm sorry that fans of the story have had to wait this long before getting their 'textual-fix' but if you only knew the pain I have been through during the past week.... Ok.. since you asked :)

I upgraded my pc to a simple (cheap) 2Ghz AMD, 512MB, new 80GB HD and a modest Radeon X800 256MB video-card... Over a week ago I decided to foolishly re-partition my drive to (please don't laugh) make it easier to ghost my system and make backups... yes folks, TAD had not made any backups of the Hetch story and all the graphics for the final PDF version. I trusted Partition Magic to do its funky stuff and resize my drive into 3 parts.

26% dead

Yeah, after sitting and watching my PC for 30 minutes do nothing I hit the reset. Yes, bad idea, but what else could I do, partition tragic had killed my HD and with no backups and close to 40GB of data including all my graphics, old 80x86 sources (including old Hugi compos) I felt really sick. Reboot. No files! What? No Files!!

Now after countless hours searching sectors, watching as file recovery software crashed and many late nights (often interrupted by my girlfriend's text messages), here is the result of my efforts. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 32? What about 1-31?

Sorry, if you want to read the full story then please download all the Hugi issues or be patient and I will release a final PDF sometime in the future.


JKL and Seven, (thanks for positive feedback and suggestions)
Ruud (where ever u are.. keep drinking whiskey!)
Claw (sure u have a great job & life it was fun coding 80x86 with you)
Bonz, INT-E, Sniper, Vulture, DigiMind, Chut (good to see most of you are still coding Hugi stuff)
Adok (hope the magazine continues with more coder stuff in future)

All the best, regards