Calling me softly
By kraviz

- Hi.

- Hi.

- Where are you at the moment?

- Nowhere.

- What do you mean "nowhere"?

- Nothing.

- Anyway, I wish I were with you.

- You already are. Just look around.

- So what?

- Look attentively.

- I don't see anything.

- That's right you are here too.

- But it's absolute darkness.

- Though, I can see your lineaments, black lines of your vacant figure, soft shadow, transparent eyes mirroring no light at all. It all is diluted around in the nothingness.

- Bullshit! How can you than?

- Because you exist only inside my mind.

- What? I could say it was just you being in mine.

- Sure. It doesn't matter if I'm only in your consciousness or you live inside mine. We both are nowhere. We both don't exist.

- How did we get here?

- You've always been here, but never wanted to confess the fact.

- And what about you?

- I opened my eyes and failed to see the light. That was when I realized, I've never seen it.

- If none of us IS, how can we be speaking?

- One of us is trying to fill the emptiness.

- Is it possible to?

- You never know till you try.