Any news about yourself or your group you'd like to have published?

Encephalon - a polish demogroup is going to release: Logoshow!2 - slideshow (logos only) by Diodak, Irrata - musicdisk, Orogene - mp3 musicdisk.

Nothing remarkable. I'm fine. :)

Gargaj / Conspiracy ^ Ümlaüt Design ^ CoolPhat:
CNS: Be friendly to us and we'll let you know :)
ÜD: Still looking for graphicians+modellers+designers for The Big Demo, meanwhile a brand new type of our introengine is also in development, if it gets finished, it will surely make an article in Hugi :)
CPH: Ask Coax :)

There's no scene related news, coz you see - i'm inactive. ;)

Not really, but I would like to say I wish the scene were -slightly- more popular in the US, so I could at least talk about it to the people I know in real life.

No =D

Rebb/Tm!C joined Paradise as musician.