What topics would you like to read about in Hugi?

Productions' reviews, party reports, tutorials and others... excepting politics oriented articles:)

Science, Coding, .NET

Gargaj / Conspiracy ^ Ümlaüt Design ^ CoolPhat:
Personally, I love interviews with various persons around the scene, so more of that please, Adok already seems a reporter-type anyway :) And I won't resist if someone writes a nice code article about stuff like High-Dynamic Range Rendering or stuff like that. (e.g. Image-Based Lighting)

About Ammy's, C64's, Speccy's scenes: history of them, what with they now. More on coding and science.

I love reading about the history of the demoscene. I'd also like to see something on general or (especially) chiptune tracking, and more about (past or present) diskmags and demos. Just more articles in general... do it Imphobia style! ;)

Much mathematics and interviews.

Some introduction of todays state of scene. Many people have faded away.