What are the most interesting articles in Hugi #28?

"Visualice and..." by Adok
party reports, interviews...

Old PC Diskmags - Lost for Ever? -Adok

Gargaj / Conspiracy ^ Ümlaüt Design ^ CoolPhat:
The CAB Dropping article will surely arise a wave of 4ks using it, the Shader Tut wasn't much new for me but still it's cool, the one about scene spirit is somewhat thought-provoking, Optimus's 3D tut seems useful, i didn't check it all the way thru whether if it contains errors or not :), the AND interview is great, the "germanization" and the "liquid wen" articles are funny, and good for a great laugh :)

"The Newscorner", "15 issues ago...", "Scene Spirit - Where has it Gone", "Scenethic ...", "Liquid... wen? Haujobb?" (i don't know Deutch, so it was interesting to me to find what it stands for), most coding articles, science, and of course wonderful iliks' poems.

"Old PC Diskmags - Lost For Ever?" :)
"Presenting The Scene To The Public: Good Or Bad?"

Still reading...

Being a tracker, I most greatly enjoy articles related to tracking technique, specific trackers (people interviews, program reviews, etcetera) and music reviews. As you may have guessed by now, I spend a lot of time with old Traxweekly and Static Line mags, but I do still fine music content in yours that is in neither of them, so thanks!