What women seem to want Vs. What you'd think a woman wants
Part 2: "Reloaded"

By Black Knight

Of Men and Monsters....

So, we meet again. If you read the prequel article to this one you are familiar with the problem. However this time we will look at the problem from two perspectives, men..... and that other dilemma. Women. And let's face it, the word "dilemma" doesn't do them justice. If they aren't complaining about how old you said they look they are in your face calling you something mother wouldn't like to hear because they're on the rag. Seriously, country music as depressing as it is was obviously the product of men who wanted to die due to the fact they were married (to a woman) or had a girlfriend. Or lack thereof. So, yeah, this is a article for the guys. If you're a man and you're reading this... learn. And if you're a woman? I'm sure you will see what you want to see rather than what I am saying. (As you can tell I'm jaded.)

At any rate women are not born screwed up, well... some of them are. Ok, most of them. Unluckily the male half of the human species has played a vital role in it's own misery. Let's start here. How many of you were the "Joe average" loners? You know, always trying to please and helping people with homework. Bluntly.... how many of you were nerds? You probably never "got the girl". In fact you probably watched the big studly "stupidity gods" sport their new cute trophies all over. And you know what happened next? You remember. The cute trophies got dumped, like a big stinky turd. Well, this is part of the reason women are so whacked, not to mention something to do with why you are sitting there reading this lame article rather than hanging out with a nice looking chick. It's ok, in fact it's just as well. Women cause nothing but misery most of the time, and let's face it. You know she would dump you after dinner. Of course, there is a reason for that. If you're a man and you've been dumped after the date it's probably her memories of her past experiences coming into play, either that or she was either a spoiled bitch or a free loader. Now, if she was a spoiled bitch that's your problem. You should have saw that coming a million miles away. Free loaders, ugh, those are the worst. I refer to them as "Xerox clones". They start off nice, the date sort of goes somewhere..... and bam! Don't even waste your time understanding them. They want a free dinner.... nothing more, nothing less.

The problem is this, women make mountains out of mole hills every time they get hurt by a man. Should this be your problem? Hell no.... however the fact is it is. Understand this, and understand it well. You know that saying "...you are actually going to bed with every man that women slept with. Use safe sex."? That saying applies here. You are dating every man who was in a relationship with the woman you are dating or are involved with. That means she is either expecting you to be just as much as a pig or just as much as a loser as her last relationship. Sure, women are naturally discriminating and tend to make relationships difficult. If they are burned, it all just compiles. Each time a woman enters a bad relationship it not only warps her already malformed conception of the perfect man now she expects the next relationship to be that much worse before she even meets a guy.Alas, we as men tend to shoot ourselves in the foot. Sure, we aren't some form of "collective".... however it is so much more easier to point out the problem(s) this way. Problems? Yes, problems. I refer to them as pigs, jocks and the mentally disturbed.

Let's face it, it's like good versus evil. There are the kind hearted men and the overly ambitious wife beaters hell bent on owning every vestige of the female variety. And after these pompous jack asses have used up these "resources" as they would see them they either dump them like a bad case of Montezuma's Revenge or the women they hurt dump them and take all their rage out on us. The jocks being the most violent usually, beating their woman (or women) constantly. And I am not referencing sports stars per say, moreover I refer to those dare I call them "douchebag" losers in high school and college who have a endless appetite for social status. And who can forget that beer drinking connoisseur who can curse out his personal sex toy in over a thousand languages while concentrating on his beloved sex movies. They come in many varieties mind you, just the one I described comes off as the worst.

Mind you women do not get a "get out of jail card" here, they are either all extremely stupid or they want to look like a success story for their parents. Women are to blame just as well. The only woman who is in any way innocent of such a grandiose screw up is a blind and deaf one, or maybe one who is mentally impaired. At any rate I am not a supporter of the male half either, from my own experiences in viewing those men around me and related to me I am appalled and at many times discouraged to the point of wanting to kill myself out of sheer despair. Think about it, why would a female with any gray matter want to even consider getting involved with me after being raped by her own parents at a very young age? Why would a women want to get involved again with any man save a kind one after her husband gives up and asks for a divorce after ten years? Why would any woman want to take a chance on committing to another control freak? Have you ever wondered how women cope with being beaten and abused? And if you want to go even deeper into my despair and resentment, how do you tell a single mother she is worth anything when she never did anything wrong to end up that way, and now she sees herself as a failure? Hell, how do you tell that child, he or she should not hate his father for being a coward? And how is a child supposed to heal his or her mother? Without digressing too much the fact is there are types of men in this world we should hate, and as a man who has tried to support the battered and spiritually dead women who endured a screwed up relationship, women who watched their husbands leave them for other women, I am just disgusted. And not only that what of us? Even I, as jaded as I am care about those misguided souls. Women.

Well? We are the secondary victims of our own kind. Women resent us because the specter of her last bad relationship will always be there, standing near us. And they will never trust or respect us let alone love us as we deserve. And being that logic is always the constant in life, logic tells us that not every kind hearted man with a gentle soul can bare being shut out by women because of their past relations with men. Some of us become our worst enemies, others seek solace with other men and even fall in love with them. And there are those such as myself who are lost, we never know who to trust, and even worse endure the most tragic pain of all.... to watch others pass us by and get married, raise children. I cannot describe to you the feeling, the immense sadness, that burning sensation in my chest that tells me I want to cry myself to oblivion. We are our own worst enemies, and worse..... we impart this curse to our children. If you want to cry a little, go ahead. On rare occasion, every blue moon with what little emotion I truly retain I myself sometimes cry. Women just never think about the pain they in turn inflict by shutting down to one of us, the good guys. You may even agree when I say they only think of themselves when they are hurt, not of what could be if she were brave enough to trust us. Let me tell you, the worst fate to bare is to watch your emotions die day by day and those closest to you not even notice. It's laughable. All of this torment because of a woman. No, all of this suffering because of our cowardice and in ability to understand.

And for the women, think. The man who abused you, raped you, left you for another woman..... they were not born that way. While I hate them, we as people must begin to understand it is ultimately our fault. The first mistake is when the wrong people have children and get divorced. It really does send the child a message, the message is when we as parents say we love you... we lie. When we tell you never give up, it's a lie. Everything we say is a lie. That child will never respect anything and anyone he or she comes across can not be trusted, hence is viewed as either a whore or a loser to be mistreated. And no, not everyone has enough strength to overcome these obstacles. Sure, we grow up and learn right from wrong. And yet if that were the case children would never grow up in single parent homes would they? And women probably never consider the man who hit her viciously was probably once a scared child, battered by his mother or father. Beaten to a bloody pulp, ingrained with his heritage against his will. Or even the minor nuances of relationships, like when men fail to commit to the woman they are with. A women's first reaction is to doubt her man, and then leave him. She never sees the cycle, that man was probably someone like me who watched many a woman push him away, why would a man take chances and commit to a woman again to be distanced and eventually abandoned? See a pattern ladies?

And again, for the ladies, here are some examples of how the bad guys come about. And bare in mind this is not a excuse for the way men behave. We all choose our own path of our own accord. Number one, children in single families always grow up with issues that will plague them to their dying days, both boys and girls. Men and women. Some problems even stem from women themselves, such as sleeping around for example. And if you want to see a typical compounded problem sleep around on a good hearted man with a mother and father who have violence issues, problems inherited from each parents mother and father as well. Some men crack, what can anyone say? And make it worse, decay a man further by justifying betraying him. Tell him he was pathetic in bed, tell him he was never there for you enough. Hell, tell him you have needs. I myself would just move on and take it from there, unluckily not ever man has the mental fortitude to react maturely. And it's not all about family issues or deceit. Religion and culture has a bit to do with it.

Men for thousands of years were the warriors and decision makers and women were the weak home makers and baby makers. Not only does Christianity hint at this it also endorses violence against women. In ancient times it was "Christian-like" to stone women deemed as whores, not to mention the Christian bible points out a very unlucky lady turned to salt simply for looking back. I bet if a man looked back nothing would have happened would it? It's not all Christianity, this was also the basic culture of the early Europeans and Caucasians which itself is deviated from our earliest Neanderthal ways. And who could ever forget the "Dark Age"? Sure, at that time there was a code of conduct amongst the more noble lineage, however the male half still was the dominant fighter on the battlefield. And women? Occasionally when the King died the Queen took over and ran the country. At least this itself was a step up in the right direction, and it definitely worked for Queen Elizabeth. Also worth noting is the middle east. Currently the big issue over there is women refusing a arranged marriage or refusing a man who advances. What happens? Well, according the Islamic law of retribution a woman would have acid thrown in her face. Pretty disturbing? More disturbing is the fact it happens and any beast calling himself a man can get away with this. Sadly Islam is the mainstay of the middle east, and anyone who is familiar with the middle east version of Islam knows just how little rights of life women in that religion have. In fact you could almost call it a culture being that the men in the middle east have followed Islam for hundreds of years, hence a cycle of violence against women. Speaking of cultures Russian women are beaten and raped on a daily basis in a country where almost every faucet of government is corrupt. Imagine how many children exposed to such as vile way of life grow up and repeat the cycle? It's what every culture seems to have in common, violence and violence against women.

Oddly enough the cure to the problem is easy, that is if the more "old school" of the male species would actually show some effort. The majority of men do have problems treating women equally let alone non-violently. So how do we cure the problem? For one, it should be common practice to find something to vent our frustrations. Such as a hobby... no, not beating women. When I become angry I sink myself into this..... writing articles. Anger will never go away, it is what defines us as a human race and is embedded into what we are. It drives us to defend ourselves and our families, it becomes self destructive when not controlled. Secondly we as men should make it common place to also show some respect. Seriously, as a man, what do you want to accomplish by yelling at a woman? Sure, they screw up royal sometimes. As for the question, how would yelling at the "bitch" fix the problem? And to address that word, just who invented that old adage anyway? I mean, come on! Look at it people, the word "bitch" is a scientific word for a female dog. So when you call your woman a "bitch" you are referring to her as a female dog, hence you would be giving me and anyone else the idea you find a female canine sexually attractive! And let us get onto punching the day lights out of women. What exactly do men who like doing this expect to come of this? Something positive? What is so positive about a black eye or a broken arm? Is she supposed to be greatful she feels like hell? I never could understand men who do this. Moreso I seriously don't want to understand the men who feel this is something normal to do. Alcohol and drugs, now here is a problem which directly affects the whole issue.

Smell the dank dirt like musky odor, the way that your nostrils react and tingle while the almost transparent wispy vapors stray through the room. The smell of a strong "banana like" odorous scent emanating from some raving drunks mouth as he laughs at the guy shooting his wife in the head due to the fact in his high and drunken stupor the hallucination and slow reaction makes it seem to him his wife was doing some strange sexual act with a friend of his, and all that blood? In his state of mind it's ketchup spewing from his friends unit. And in this extremely high sense of being the husband has failed to realize his love of pot and zeal for beer lead him to his room where he carried his gun, where the inner demons of violence every man carries burst past like a emotional damn only because in this narcotic world of bliss the drunken husband found his wife playing with herself in bed. And the strange vision the drunken and high man saw was not his wife doing his best friend, nor was that ketchup. The truth is the husband was facing a mirror, which his wife was in front of it. The following was fiction of course.

However this fiction is also reality, we all, men and women have inner demons. Some of us are already naturally high, others are just not right upstairs. To the point there are many people, men and women have a love of pot, marijuana. And sure, do it if you want, guys. Nothing makes my day more than some stinky idiotic peon who keeps calling me "dude" and can't add two plus two because his brain cells are fried from all the weed he was smoking, not to mention that pungent smell of urine where he wet his pants. That seriously has to turn women on doesn't it? And let us not forget that handsome stud ladies! That twenty something studly god with the bright blond hair, black leather jacket and bright new Porsche. He was wearing some new cologne, and being young and naive trashed your morals as a woman because you wanted to be just like the women on television. Sex all day and working a nice corporate executive job, and let us not forget how cool women are when they get together and gab all day about the feeling of being a liberated woman.

Now, let us wake up after you hopped in the car with the godly stud who was gonna rock your world in his or your bed after a few martini's. No, you didn't wake up pregnant or HIV positive. Of course that is what one deserves for being stupid isn't it? No, you woke up in a hospital because "godly" was so fucking drunk he ran a red light at two hundred miles per hour in that sexy red Porsche of his while you, according to a witness were laughing insanely at the time even after you two blew past a red light and it was reported you were laughing even after you were carried on a stretcher into a emergency unit. You used to be a slim, attractive, blond headed middle level executive. Now you are in a burn unit, your hair is gone, you can't speak, "godly" died after the car exploded with him in it. You were the lucky one. The police and fire fighters pulled you out right before it happened. And no man alive now will come near you, not easily anyway. And why should they?

Why am I being so harsh? Here is why. After the police and fire fighters pulled your smoldering stenchy carcass out they went back to save "godly", the drunk god of sex and speeding Porsches. The car blew up with "godly" and the same people who saved your life. Now let's back up some more brainiac. Before you and "godly" became human steaks, the Porsche that you were in, the one that past a red light two hundred miles per hour, while you were laughing insanely in your "Ally McBeal" world you and "godly" first ran over a young couple strolling the city. They were about to get married the day after. You and "godly" sent them to either Heaven or Hell if either exist. Next you, the "insane queen of laughter" and "godly" rammed through a slightly beat up black mustang killing both a young mother and her child, both were in seat belts. It didn't matter though, you and "godly" caused the gas tank in the mustang to rupture on impact and explode when the front of that deadly red Porsche of sexiness hit the black mustang near the driver door, close enough to the gas tank. Next you and "godly" in your flaming inferno which you in a drunken stupor thought was a roman chariot hit a police cruiser at the next light, which ironically was green. And you didn't kill the officer inside. Worse, the impact of the red Porsche you were in hitting the male officers cruiser from behind crippled him for life. He would later commit suicide. Feel special?

The cold hard fact is women are intoxicated by the new found feeling of this femdom and "liberation" that the media and Oprah Winfrey bathe them in. It is so intoxicating in fact they tend to make all the wrong choices such as getting involved with drunk men who become the "lord of the drunken stance" after a few too many beers or Jim Beams on a Saturday night. And the cold fact is men are "weekend warriors". Wanna get drunk? Hang out with one of the "dudes" and they will show you every bar to sip that golden nectar of piss, and promptly afterwards will even give you tips on spotting police officers dressing as prostitutes! Men are still Neanderthals and warriors. I can say this because I have seen it so many times with my own eyes where men just go berserk with happiness when they are either high or drunk. Men behind wheels will kill anything when they are drunk because they are so damned "happy"! And for the life of me I never could or ever will understand why women associate with the "bad boy" type. Does some insanely high bagboy really turn women on? Do idiotic drunks really earn women's fancy that much?

Yes, I see many men as screw ups and I am always going to see it this way I'm afraid. It's what a lot of them are. Let's not start about how they get high or drunk, or both, and knock up that big breasted beauty only to leave her a single unwed mother. Of course, men make many mistakes. However..... when we look at the flipside.......

Suicide Central (Women)

......we end up here.

Women are just as screwed up as men, in fact, men and women completely compliment each other. Almost. To begin with women are under some warped and extremely delusional assumption that being "liberated" means living their lives like one of those bimbo rated fem shows, Ally McBeal being a perfect example with Miss Match being a close second. Look around, women being liberated and all drool all over the bad boy type and seem to have a penchant for complaining when the bad boy dumps them. And even though I detest any man who hits a woman, I must ask this. Why do women expect anyone to feel sorry for them? Are they that dense or were they just born with a death wish? Think about it, if I were fishing for a girlfriend I would be able to smell a gold-digger or even a fake a hundred miles away. And let's talk about single mothers and why their children don't have fathers.

One night stands and way too much immaturity. No, not all women sleep around and not all women who are single mothers are at fault. So let's clear this up right now. Some women are charmed by guys who come off as one of the "good guys" and later end up with tons of regret. These are the women I truly feel sorry for. The women I don't feel sorry for in any way, shape or form are the ones who party way too often and base who they go out with or associate with on looks and finance alone. Not only do they end up pregnant and alone, these types of females always ruin the "good guys". One could safely associate a promiscuous gold digging female with mad cow disease. Just one ruins us all, and in turns causes a chaotic cycle of hurt. Not only this, these naive feminine "party machines of desire and wanton lust" usually end up with STD's or worse, broken noses and a really bad hang over. Of course, who's fault is it always? Ours. They will always blame us men as a whole. Not that guy who hurt them, not that type of guy. They blame us all, and this is how they justify their further behavior. They call us derogatory names and spin fantastic tales of woe, the whole time leaving out the fact they were after sex or a great time, a great party time. And they choose men they know aren't looking forward to fatherhood. And sure enough, when they end up pregnant they end up that way alone.

And yeah, at some point some of them get child support. Not that they would actually use it on that child or children. Of course some of them elect to abort the pregnancy, which is detestable and worthy of a firing squad. And no, I'm not some Christian abortion rights detractor. The fact is if you are a woman and you took your chances having sex, safe or not, you don't have the right to kill a child so you can have more sex and go to more parties. And yes, you're right, you give up your social life. Not that any of you ladies are paying attention. Who cares about the abortion? Being pregnant with a child just means your lack of a social life and less drinks from sexy guys, right? It is this type of mentality that makes a female ugly. And in the end when you think you have it made, you found a "good guy" with godly looks, lots of money and a well established family he will see you for the trash you are. A five cent slut who cared so much about the parties, booze, glamour and sex she at some point aborted a child because it simply held her back, it ruined her weekend. A inconvenience. Honor ladies, honor. Some men still live by it. I do. And of course being the witty artist of words there is a woman who in her small pee sized brain thought to herself, "dork."

Let us look at a dork. A dork is a person with glasses, no life and is generally looked upon by his or her peers as some strange anomaly, a human being who keeps to his or her self and finds it extremely painful to contemplate social status. This being said, women are really bad, worse then men when they get hooked on drugs. I say this because not only do women on drugs tend to get "knocked up" to compound the situation they don't usually have a clue who the "daddy" is. How could they? They were so damned "high". No doubt women who are hooked on alcohol are also just as bad as men, and quite possibly worse.

This is insanely funny, and sad at the same time. What female with a percent of her gray matter would dare to think a man would find her attractive in any conceivable way when she stinks of that earthly smell of marijuana? And is it not possible a man would find a highly intelligent woman sexy? Well how could anyone be sexy when they do drugs? Sure, some women would defend marijuana and whatever the hell else they do. Facts are facts, drug use degrades human performance. And if you are a woman who does even the simplest of narcotics your addiction will show at the most inopportune moments when you least expect it. I particularly love the people who tell me "weed isn't bad." and my other all time favorite someone I know said to me, "I'm gonna do weed till my dying days." Ok, go ahead. Blow your few dollars on that stinky crap. Erode your few brain cells and then after years of abusing the weed come to me and ask me on a date. Watch me laugh my ass off. No man, if he truly has any respect for himself will even waste time on a woman who can't respect herself. And what type of conversation could a "weed-head" even start? I like to get into astrophysics and some mathematics, and sometimes history. Hint, a person, male or female high on weed could not even talk about anything worthwhile without getting stupid and laughing at the flies and mosquitoes in the air. They are pretty good at finding the "magic pink elephants" though. they are especially adept at spotting the "mysterious black helicopters".

And when a female is drunk she too can become violent, however even more so they tend to let it all go. They will say what they want, albeit in slurs. And what they want to say usually hurts those closest to them. Particularly children. Not only this they sometimes end up in bed with some guy they thought was their husband or boyfriend. And yes, a lot of them get pregnant this way. Some of these "lucious ladies of the party life" end up as street pizza, ironically enough scoring five minutes of fame on the local news because the car wreck was that horrific. Tada! You're famous! And you're dead, or a vegetable. Either way, women with alcohol problems destroy what they have. You can't expect a man to stay true to you when you are puking on him every night and waking up in his best friends bed because you were too drunk to notice, let alone care. Maybe women have so little respect for themselves they inherently degrade themselves via drugs or booze. Maybe. However how could they expect a true man to even love them? Let alone respect them.

And just as men are their own worst enemies, so are women. One can imagine the worry a single mother of three ponders nightly before she drifts to sleep, alone in her bed. Maybe she worries she will always be alone, or more likely she is scared men see her as some form of a whore because she has children with no father. Who knows what plagues single mothers? They are however affected by the stereotype given to them. And they most imaginably detest being grouped with immature bar flies who ended up pregnant, or the latter. Immature drug addicts. Not all mothers take good care of their children either, another stereotype. Some single mothers still support their bad habits even though they have children, young ones old enough to see and repeat. It's sad. Many men do tend to see women with children and instinctively run, and those that don't see a easy opportunity for a one night stand. Even women sometimes scoff at single mothers, pointing fingers and making crude comments. "I bet she spreads her legs everywhere with all those kids." Yeah, leave it to a stuck up prude to make a comment like that. Unlike men such terrible attitude is actually natural as women are competitive. Some would even say cunning and ruthless. There are many single mothers in the day and age, and sadly they are doing a terrible job. Sometimes dare I say it, I find myself thinking the aborted fetus is the lucky one. Do single mothers ever consider they make their children feel guilty when they complain about the way life treated them? They have a child, hopefully a healthy one. They should feel gifted. They should be greatful.

Of course, they usually see being a single mother as being a hindrance. Day after day wondering what could have been, or what would have been. Pathetic. And the "liberated" fem nazi's who worship their "Oprah", getting drunk and having a good time chatting it up with their sisters in arms at the office over the copier about that guy she had sex with last night, do they even care that they may carry a STD? Or do they even wonder about breast cancer? Maybe if they would act their age they would realize they aren't all young anymore. Some older women still gallop around town acting like they were "teeny boppers" after a hard day in the office, getting smashed. It's true, everyone, man and woman alike have the right to have a life. Alas, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. You either want to waste away your life alone with STD's up the ass or you want to find your "soul mate" and live a relatively quiet life without death and disease. That simple ladies.

What always got me was the way even a average, sober and clear minded woman had to have a good looking guy. No, they can't waste time with guys that have less than average looks. Ever watch "Average Joe"? As much as I hate the television media and such, that show defined how men are treated by women. If you are quirky, nerdy, lack in physique and or odd in any way shape or form you probably won't have much of a chance with a woman. Face it guys, they want good looking "buns of steel" on their men! And unluckily for some of us we are flabby, have some bad teeth, don't have blue eyes and we rarely have blond hair. And why do women always have well funded men? And why do the women who already have men have to mess with us and try to break our codes of conduct? I bring up the monetary issue because simply we as "average Joe's" cannot go there and flirt with a chick who is high maintenance after she is either dumped by "money bags" or dumps him. It's like that pole jumping exercise we guys did in school when we were kids. Every time we made a jump over the bar the coach raised it up a notch. That is how women are, when they date a guy it is that much harder to win her over after she goes out with someone who has money. Also, never believe that garbage any woman tells you. You know, the part where she tells you material things aren't as important as love? That's all pure bull. It may not drive them so to speak, however women will never stay in a relationship with a man who doesn't have much money. And if you are jobless, all I can say is you poor bastard.

My father once ingrained some sagely advise to me. Advice for the longest time I felt was a joke, more precisely the ravings of a loser lamenting over his own mistakes. Grant it I think he is wrong sometimes, on this issue he was dead right. "Son, whatever the hell you do. Never get married." Words to live by, almost divine like a Tibetan Yogi. Normally I would never tell any man to abstain from marriage. Normally. With this recent new found "liberation" of women normal went out the window. In fact many men would be astonished how many women were looking forward to a divorce, some even joking about it. We all know why, all of us men anyway. The divorce lawyers always get women big fat checks in alimony. Women so treat the whole divorce prospect as religion that if asked how to spell either "divorce" or "alimony" (and some of us can't spell those two) any woman could tell you precisely how to spell any word associated with divorce at one hundred and one percent accuracy. Messed up isn't it? Women are kung-fu money ninjas. This isn't even the half of it. We have all heard about how women engage in sex with the family members of the husband. Sure, husbands do it too, however only the wife can get pregnant. "If I can't marry a studly man, I'll just screw his studly brother!"

But, we should stop for a second here. It is so important to stress women are not all like this. I have met many women who were perfect, albeit a bit warped in their views. Perfect being they accepted me as I am and rarely made money a issue. A few of them even wanted to make love to me. Not all women are skanky sluts with a narcotic fetish, just most of them.

So, when a woman meets the wrong man and ends up in a bad situation, whether she was drunk or sober is it her fault? Yes. The answer is cold, none the less the truth. If we as men start feeling sorry for every "chick" who gets involved with a jerk and ends up a single mother, or worse, we as men fall into a trap from which there is no bottom. A endless vortex of guilt, a trap from which the women always weave so masterfully. And like fish in a fisherman's line they pull us in and take control of the situation. Like artists, women manipulate their terrible experiences with men and use it to control that future man they should encounter. And to play devil's advocate why must women expect marriage so much? It is always such a big deal when a man won't commit to it. Clearly we are "dogs" if we won't. Why would a man want to marry a woman? Trust works both ways, and if a man is not comfortable with marriage why force it? Isn't love supposed to be about just being together? After all, marriage is only a legal binding contract. The truth is marriage only guarantees the party that ends the marriage has to pay alimony and such. And that is the core of the female psyche. If a man will not marry her she stands to gain nothing if the relationship ends, worse yet without marriage there is no absolute control. Control?

Yes, control. No matter how much a man beats the pulp out of a woman if they are a married couple ultimately when that man ends the marriage he is legally obligated to pay alimony. And no, there are lots of legal complications to dispute how easy I seem to make it, none the less no matter how minute, marriage is a form of security blanket. Even if it isn't, it is to women. And as long as there is a chance of alimony it is a very warm security blanket.

The fact of the matter is a man will commit to marriage if it feels right, and if it doesn't feel right women need to understand, as hard as that is, they may be wrong for each other. That simple. And oh woe is me! She has to start all over again looking for a new man when the relationship eventually falls apart. Big whoop! Men have to deal with it all the time as well. And why must women make such a big stinky deal about men breaking there precious hearts? It's not bad enough they turn a blind eye to our hearts that they break they will pretty much spray it on a billboard "Johnny Heartbreaker" ruined her life! And I love it when they try telling everyone how good they were to their man, how they didn't deserve........ they didn't deserve, what a joke. You knew the man was a ass, you know when you went into it you were all about his looks, the material. But go ahead, play the part of that annoying alley cat with that ear shattering shriek that makes my ears bleed. Better yet, cry me a river. It's all the same, when women aren't clenching their fists and yelling at the world how liberated and defiant they are, when they aren't painting themselves as some god like victim crucified on a masculine cross women are making someone's life hell complaining at them. Someone of course being the boyfriend or husband. Women particularly look forward to the men who feel sorry for them, all the while scolding them for that telling them it demeans them and not to feel sorry for them.

Women are naturally erratic, no argument there. None from men anyway. That's another thing, women will always dispute any flaw we as men find in them. Why? I belch, I'm a bit stubborn and I am immature sometimes. I embrace this. A woman however will always resent it when a man points a flaw out, and heaven forbid a man say a woman is older than she is. Is it our fault women sometimes look older? Hey, here's a idea! Stop smoking, dump that beer in the toilet and shove that weed where the sun don't shine! Why do you women think we men make that mistake? I once made this mistake with a friend, and on cue she let me have it and to this day brings that up. Because I care about her I don't know how to put it to her, that being she should consider she does look older. It's her fault, she must have known what she currently does adds age to one's look. And no, I won't detail what she does. I don't need to. And women not only don't understand what they do degrades their appearance, it degrades how they act and react. And what they do is not necessarily crank and liquor, sometimes it's who they associate with or how hard they try clinging on to the past.

What can anyone say? Women over complicate situations and for whatever sadistic reasons take great pleasure in belittling those who care about them. As a man I find my heart broken a lot and being I am the stronger person I keep it inside, and I won't even waste your time describing this painful feeling. I will only leave it at this, it hits me everyday. And that is what gets me, most women would actually think of me and anyone like me as a "wuss". Sure, I'm not terribly attractive, I'm not wealthy and I don't have a positive outlook anymore. I am every man who was rejected by a woman based on the material, we exist in numbers hidden in the shadows like that strange wispy voiced creature who cherished that golden ring in "Lord of the Rings".

Notice I have yet to use the word "spiritual" as opposed to material in regards to relationships. That is simply because it never comes into play. Not only are women virtual soap opera's, they are like samurai warriors. When women butt heads they are like roaring tigers, claws sharper than the sharpest blade. What I am referring to of course is what happens when mother meets the love of your life. The crazed beasts are on a twenty four hour possession kick. One cannot fathom just what goes on in a woman's head, and many times I myself could not determine if some women I knew had one. They never think about the consequences, at least men know they are looking at a hang over before heading into work after getting good and smashed. Women act as if they didn't expect it afterwards. And it's never their fault when they get high and messed up on drugs, pregnant at fifteen. It's always our fault isn't it? If it takes two to tango, and one of us gets pregnant during the affair than one of us we could assume is asexual? A woman would say yes, one of us is and it is the man's fault. Argument, that is how we as humans resolve issues and exchange information, yet women refuse to work with that logic! They must always be right, even when they are so wrong their dead great great grand father popped out of his grave and said "He's right! You're wrong!" And when we mistakenly prove we are right they treat us as if we did something horribly wrong to them! They even tease men who are their best friends without a damned care in the world as to how their male friends feel when they do that. When "hubby" is a ass they just call up that male friend and lay all that woe and despair on him, as if that male friend doesn't have a life or problems. Then of course she is drunk or high, or both. She starts getting into sexual discussion and at some point hangs up leaving a certain male friend deeply aroused, stuck in a void of blah.

For all of their faults men have it easy. We can change ourselves if we want, women on the other hand. Women can change themselves but they won't. They will always want to control the relationship and who we talk to and know, and when we screw up? They find someone to flirt with and maybe even have sex with. It must be fate's way of giving us men a royal up the tail pipe. We can't live with them, and we can't live without them. Women can live with us, and without us! Remember gentlemen, they have that lesbian fall back plan. In short think of it this way, just as when we as men date ever man a woman was with when we are with them, just as we sleep with every man she slept with we in the long run are really nothing more than a chapter in her book of drama. And she, well, she is an author who becomes famous after selling her memoir for millions of dollars while we rot in our despair of solitude.

Black Knight